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i like your throw up styles better than the pieces, but simply because it feels all over the place. like it feels like you kind of like a style thats close to that and you are forcing your letters to fit it, whereas your throw ups seem to have more letter structure and more personality. in my opinion, pair down your pieces to bare bones and try to fuck with the letters disposition a bit more. leave out bells and whistles. like draw your typical crazy piece and then put tracing paper over it, trace out the bare letters and make them doper.



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yo king of hell, thanks for the advice, its good to here people with real insight about graff and not just people who front hard, or dont know shit. i have actually been trying to do that with the more recent peices but keep in mind that most of the peices on this thread are monthes old, the whole thing is in chronilogical order. you are right though, some of the illest peicers actually just do straighletters that look ill cause the style is that toned, like acet or some ewok peices, anyway, im glad to hear you like my throw cause that style has been a longer time coming... ill post more as i finish um.

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ehhh yooo,

whats good son?

yo aer was watching your crib shit is dumb funny....

anyways shit is looking fly...except for that MEX ONE shit, hey we all started somewhere right?...HAHA. Theres a time and place for everything MEX and your shit don't belong here!

but yeh, i really like the "if i'm dreaming, why not dream the big dreams" shit, i like the texture felt from the colors or the highlights in the fill or maybe its just the image, i dunno something about it is appealing.

Yo see you soon. Good luck with everything.


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good to here from you man, how is bk doing, hopefully not as hot as it was last time i was home, im sure it is though. fuckin bullshit. lots of retarded shit happened here recently, call me.

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no, i am not from texas, but i have seen his freights. and car2n-it is weird to me that you feel a peice that is over a year old, that style is garbage to me now, and no i dont really paint, that is why all of my shit is in paper chase, i would but i dont live in a place that is okay to chill in any one spot long enough to do peices... thats why you got to be able to freak a thow too...

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