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>>> - SYDNEY - NSW - AUSTRALIA - <<<

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some more

I got alot of flicks still saved some from 2true, 567Kforums, sydvicious, crushsyd, whatever other forums from the good old days, nothing near compleate but its somthing!   i should make a t

Here's a couple things I noticed in the City Circle      

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i dig that peice, by ??? with the sorta splat shaped letters and shit, its different but looks cool, like he's got nice letters and melted them with a blowtorch, its original and shit, and well done....


who the fuck wants to see the same old fucken hip-hop styled letter 'font' that half the bloody scene's paintin.... same letters just different words and colours its bullshit...


mess the whole fucken letters up i say, do what looks good, not what fits in with everyone elses peices.


bubblewilds are where its at incidently.

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Why is it every one hates on Rinks ?

I bet you dont have a decent answer except hes a cock sucker or some thing along those lines.

Half of you dissin H20E most likely have beef because no one has gone to this extent arguing over any other writers work on here.

Please explain.



heres an answer for you, have you ever talked to rinks?? do you even know what the cunts like???


its amazing how one person can think they are so great at graffiti, when in reality hes nothing but a worthless toy, for how good that fat fuck thinks he is, he should be producing a hell lot better then what he actually does.....


in his own little world hes a king, hes got no respect for anyone other then the people he sucks off... if it wasnt for the likes of a few people, hed be a nobody... not only that, hes quick to throw out the net warrior diss to anyone who sits on a computer, when in reality hes exactly the same... he sits on his computer talking shit to young cunts thinking hes some kind of sick cunt... not only that he thinks hes something thats not to be messed with, YEAH FUCKING RIGHT!!!!!!!


hes a fucking joke, nothing more nothing less...


i seem to remember him hating on some cunt for writing jinks, cause it was so close to his tag, whats the go there? he might aswell be writing renks??????


he pisses people off, makes them hate him, cause he thinks hes something hes actually not.. is this enough of an explanation for you or what?


i aint the only one that thinks this, ask around, most people hate this fat cunt...


also while were on the subject of shit cunts, can anyone please give me an explanation on how the hell, or for what reason kenos was put in psk?????


hes a fucking shit cunt and his peices are whack as fuck.... makes that crew look bad,anyone else agree?

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Makes the crew look bad? Common dude, a crew isnt about grouping together the best writers you can, your supposed to include friends/people you chill with on a daily basis.


Im not from sydney, and all this time you guys have been talking about mkae and rinks i was assuming you were talking about 70k from melbourne.. Can someone post some of their peices?

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Hey Beef DR.

You have answered my question perfectly.

Its you on all the forums under diffrent user names 2true syd vicious etc

Thanks for sharing your emotions with us.

Get a life.




correct yourself there mate, he cops alotta hate from alotta different people.. im not the only one...


also i dont need a life, the one i have now suits me perfect.. thanks for caring but.:p

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