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some more

I got alot of flicks still saved some from 2true, 567Kforums, sydvicious, crushsyd, whatever other forums from the good old days, nothing near compleate but its somthing!   i should make a t

Here's a couple things I noticed in the City Circle      

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Bagl interview on MTN blog



G’day Bagl! Thanks for taking the time to chat. What’s been happening?


Yo man. No problems, thanks for having me. Just been trying to keep up with day to day life at the moment. Got a couple personal and business projects on, so trying my best to get them done!


Get us started with the essentials, where do you call home, what crews do you rep, and how did you come to be known as Bagl?


Raised in East Sydney and I write with the HKL and FKCS crews. I came up with the word ‘Bagl’ myself back in 2007. Originally I spelt it ‘BAIGLES’ and it was derived from the doughnut looking pastry thing. After a couple pieces I dropped a couple letters for ease and eventually ended up being just ‘Bagl’. I also write ‘Blunt’ on occasions just to switch it up.


Now your crews, HKL and FKCS, tell us a bit about them and how you became a part of them?


Me and my homie ‘Astro’ started HKL back on ’07 when we were still only fresh to the scene, tagging the back of buses and shit. Everyone back then had there own little crew so we decided to make our own. Its original meaning was ‘Hoes Kash Liqour’ and ‘Hard Knock Life’ and now has up to 16 members. Growing up in the East back then i always looked up to FKCS (FEW KEWL CATS) writers such as Locker, Driks, Meta4, Poets, Fix, Dast and Keans to name a few, and soon enough I ended up painting with a few of them. Then in 2010 ‘Locker’ asked me if i wanted to write for the crew, and since then those two have been the only 2 crews I rep and always will.


BGL1Do you have strict constraints on style within these crews? Or is it just a case of each member bringing their best to the table?


I personally consider my crew members my good mates. Everyone in my crew is in their because I call them a friend and not for their graffiti capabilities. This is something I learnt over time. Everyone in my crew has their own style, we all share a love for graffiti and do our best when there out there painting and I think thats what matters.


Considering the caliber of your work and your consistency, you seem (no offence intended) not to be as well known, even though you’re painting as often or more than the big names out there, and rocking pieces of the same standard or better. Why do you think that is? Do you think this is changing now?


No offence taken at all man. I do feel a little underrated at times i guess, but that’s no one else fault but own. You only get out what you put in. I know what I’ve accomplished myself and I know what I’m capable of. Im not too fussed about being the biggest name in the game, Im just going to do what I feel like doing, and hopefully people enjoy the work as much as I did doing it.


Your style has familiar elements of a classic Sydney style, but with your own swing and flavour, very recognisable as your own. How did this style develop? Were there any writers who you looked up to when you started painting?


My style has changed so may times over the years its crazy. I’ve gone from really simple big bubbly letters to a chunky sort of public style with big connections and add-ons and everything in between. At the moment I have a couple different styles I like to paint depending on what I’m running at. I found one of my biggest influences on my style was my good friend and crew member ‘Jebs’ HKL KGB. When I first starting painting with him back in 2010 – 2011 I always felt a little behind the 8 ball next to him, so i was always striving to keep up. He still to this day is a big influence on my style. Growing up around my area I always looked up to writers I used to see up around the hood like ‘Avoid’, ‘Giels’, ‘Sbak’, ‘Skills, ‘Keans’, ‘Akers’ and ‘Vizer’ and crews like IM, KOC, AYTO, ABK, CK as well as my FKCS boys. Also writers like ‘Mach KGB’, ‘Freak KGB’, Banos, ‘Sofles DTS’, ‘Seiko DTS’, ‘Urge DTS, ‘Deft TKP’, ‘Ayres TKP’, ‘Slor BNF’, ‘Reals WTCS’, ‘Pudl BCF’, ‘Set BCF, ‘Siks TSC’, ‘Pact PLS’, ‘Zombe OSF’, ‘Bones KOS, ‘Arems MOC’, ‘Phibs’, ‘Days DCA’, ‘Kaue EK’, ‘Revok MSK’ and ‘Rime MSK’ to name a few, where also writers who I really admired and still do.


BGL2Do you find it difficult to find a balance between graff and the rest of your life?


For sure man! Painting regularly is a full time job. Painting trains on the reg is even more hectic. Nowadays I’m just trying to fit in a piece here and there, but sometimes I’ll get the urge to get out there and have a crack at something. I feel if you really want to stay on top of this game you have to live, eat, shit and breathe it, otherwise you’ll barely stay afloat, and theres a lot of dudes that do that. Much respect to those out there that have dedicated there entire lives to this. I feel I’m just trying to keep up, but I’ll always have mad love for it. I’ll never leave it alone.


We’ve all heard a decent chase story, or of a time things just haven’t gone quite right in the yard, have you ever been in a situation like this? Do tell…


First time I’ve ever tried to do a panel solo. I made my approach to the idle train with no problems. Hiding in a bush I scoped out the train from a distance for while. All was looking good to go so I made my way over to the train. I set my camera up and began to paint. I painted for about 6 or 7 minutes uninterrupted besides the frequent hissing from the locomotive which already had me on edge. Just as I started my outline I hear the rumble from a train passing behind me. Surely that I had been spotted by the driver of the fly-through that just passed I tried to pump the rest of my outline and shadow as quickly as possible. Before I could finish I hear yelling from a fluro next to me telling me to “get a life” or some shit. I decided to abandon my unfinished panel so I packed up my kit, grabbed my camera and made my escape. On the way out I ran into an unknown group of people on the tracks in the distance that i would have to pass to make my way out. I noticed a timely passing train approaching so I crossed tracks and ran alongside it and dodged the crowd completely. As I made my way back onto the street already exhausted from a long run, I began to make my way to the car. As i crossed the road I looked to my side and to my surprise I seen two of the ugliest police officers pacing towards me about 20 metres away. Hoping they weren’t for me I kept walking across the road until i hear one of them yell ‘STOP POLICE!’. I thought ‘ Fuck that!’ and took off running down the street. As the thump of police boots pursued me I hear one of the police radio in they have spotted a suspect. Making my way down backstreets I eventually jumped into a front yard of a house. Surely that they seen me jump into the house I frantically tried to find somewhere to hide or escape too. I quickly found out that i was stuck in a dead end, i was trapped. With the dogs surely closing in I was ready to surrender, until i noticed some window grills forming a perfect ladder to the roof. I brushed my bag of paint and quickly climbed on to the roof. As soon as i got onto of the roof I curled up in a ball and waited as the sound of radios buzzed and the barking of police dogs barked around me. Surprisingly no one saw me climb up there. After 3 hours or so, the commotion was long gone and i made my decent back to the street and cautiously ran back to the car. Another close call and another unfinished panel :(


BGL3We do a little thing called ‘Top 3′, where we pitch something at you and you hit back with your Top 3 of whatever that may be. Time to spill the beans…




Songs of all time:


1. 93′ till Infinity – Souls of Mischeif


2. Jay Z – Public Service Announcement


3. Work (Remix) – A$AP Ferg ft. A$AP Rocky, Trinidad James, French Montana, ScHoolboy Q


Australian Writers:


1. Skew TCB


2. Bones KOS


3. Machine KGB


Overseas Writers:


1. Revok MSK


2. Kuma


3. Dart ENC


Movie Characters:


1. Batman


2. The old man from Up


3. Borat


Must have things when out painting:


1. Paint


2. Gloves


3. Camera




1. Barcelona


2. Paris


3. Melbourne




1. Peach Iced tea


2. Homebrand apple juice


3. Aloe Vera drink


Letters of the Alphabet:


1. F


2. T


3. P


BGL4 BGL5Quantity or quality?


I personally think you gotta have a bit of balance when it come to this. Both sides are just as important as the other.


If you weren’t involved in graffiti, what would you be doing with yourself?


Without graffiti i honestly wouldn’t have a clue where I’d be. I don’t think anywhere good. Graffiti has given me so much opportunity in life its crazy. Ive met some of my best friends through this and so many other good people as well as a lot of good life lessons. Who would of thought writing a name on stuff with some paint could effect someones life so much. I owe my life to the can, its made me who i am today. Ill always be grateful for that!


Do you find yourself to be one of those guys than agonises over colour schemes? Or do they just come naturally?


Usually when I go to the paint shop I pick my colours on the spot. I never really have a plan unless i have a colour scheme in mind i really want to paint. I don’t really fuss too much over colours, they usually work themselves out.


BGL6Similarly, do you sketch a lot and spend time shaping your letters? Or just freestyle it?


Same with picking colours man its all very touch-and-go with me. Sometimes ill have a bit of an idea in my head of what I want to draw but I usually just let myself go and see where it takes me.


When it comes to stocking that green bag, what’s your favourite paint? And why?


My ideal kit would be MTN Hardcores for fills, background and infills for its quick coverage and gloss finish. and MTN 94 for outline, highlights, lo-lights and aura for its low pressure and crisp lines. This might sound like an MTN ad but it really is my choice of paint. Top colour range, always reliable and smells great :)


Let’s wrap this up… final words or shout outs?


Big shouts to the HKLAN! Astro, Lazy, Raels, Fogs, Locker, Dime, AL, Saliva, Snail, Yeal, Onets, Funds, Jebs, Valet, Keans and Lkid. Shoutout to the Few Kewl CatS and AYTO boys. Thanks to my Mum for putting up with my bullshit over the years. Shouts to everyone who I’ve painted with over my graffiti career and everyone who supports my work! Thanks to MTN Australia for the opportunity and to do this and a big thank you to everyone who took the time to read this! Much Love!!


Thanks for your time Bagl, much appreciated! Keep killing it!












more picso n the link



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barely keeping this thread alive.....this one is to inspire anyone intersted in becoming a real graffiti artist





note- a brickos inspiration:D




And raise you a stencil artist :D



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Some oldies that I found recently. This spot is like stepping back in time, it has almost no graffiti

after about 1989 and has never been buffed. The only damage these tags have sustained is sunlight.

F-cking brilliant. I'm sure toys will rip into them soon though....




Public Enemies (Deal) / CCEE PIC - Newtown, Sydney - 1986-88 (photo 2014) by Eddie Haskel's Sydney Graffiti Flicks II, on Flickr



CCEE PIC - Newtown, Sydney - 1988 (photo 2014) by Eddie Haskel's Sydney Graffiti Flicks II, on Flickr



Deal PE - Newtown, Sydney - 1986-87 (photo 2014) by Eddie Haskel's Sydney Graffiti Flicks II, on Flickr



RCF (Rober) - Newtown, Sydney - 1988-89 (photo 2014) by Eddie Haskel's Sydney Graffiti Flicks II, on Flickr

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Trap SGK - Sydney - 2014 by Eddie Haskel's Sydney Graffiti Flicks II, on Flickr



Selfish DIA EYP - Enmore, Sydney - 2014 by Eddie Haskel's Sydney Graffiti Flicks II, on Flickr



Dont RBS - Marrickville - 2014 by Eddie Haskel's Sydney Graffiti Flicks II, on Flickr



Otik Reap Lazy UDC (by Otiks) - Lewisham, Sydney - 2014 by Eddie Haskel's Sydney Graffiti Flicks II, on Flickr

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