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>>> - SYDNEY - NSW - AUSTRALIA - <<<

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some more

I got alot of flicks still saved some from 2true, 567Kforums, sydvicious, crushsyd, whatever other forums from the good old days, nothing near compleate but its somthing!   i should make a t

Here's a couple things I noticed in the City Circle      

Posted Images

I thought i would endorse N4TEs epic post with some flavour. Found these on an Harddrive that had some flicks from my awesome 2mp camera from 2003ish.



Aztek RIP Bingo



Reos HR



Webs Cent






Mach and Chops



2Sus (one of the best hand stylists), Leak and part of a Drail (Sydneys legend!)



Yeha and Wax SFX

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carriage doors open, windows open, breeze coming through, that smell of brakes hangs in the air.


The shit.


That smell of brakes. I really miss the rattlers. Those old door handles, big bouncy old bench seats and squeaky-as-fuck wheels.


Rode a Ridger when I was up there about two weeks back. Glad I got to do that before they're history.

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The ear piercing sound of the wheels as the train rolls around a bend, lobbing seats out between the carriages before they started to fix them down... What about the dirty old express Goose's. Stinking hot days coming home from work, no vacant seats sitting at the door with one leg stretched out letting the air flow...Walking end to end through the train catching tags in every vestibule, Jumping out at stations and running past the middle locked guards compartments to continue the onslaught! Not to forget destroying those miniature sized toilets with barely enough room to turn around. Catch a tag on the floor and your heads nearly in the bowl ha,ha

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^^ Good to see some of those old insides Fatlaces..


Anyone got flicks of the new Jiesk & Puke Tracky between Redfern & Central? Looked like someone capped Jiesk but came past today and it's been fixed up again??


Also i know this one is a long shot but was staring out the windows on my way to work this morning and noticed the old buffed DeadMeat on the roof top on Eveleigh Train Yards. Anyone have a photo of this or any DeadMeat shiz.. I think i asked this a while back but does anyone remember the bloody tampon track sides.. Ha Ha

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