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looking at the cars in that particular shot I would say they have a right to be there

retro,rosie,empos have all had stuff running.


But I agree sort of.


as in me doing a wholecar there would be a bit wrong.


I edited the post as I felt it came out wrong


I don't know much about this Empos guy but the others yeah


It was more relating to guys who aren't known for trains but pop up outta the woodworks and take full advantage of these types of situations.. I haven't seen all of the fagstagram photos but I'm sure it's happening, just like it did with the grey ghosts..

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some more

I got alot of flicks still saved some from 2true, 567Kforums, sydvicious, crushsyd, whatever other forums from the good old days, nothing near compleate but its somthing!   i should make a t

Here's a couple things I noticed in the City Circle      

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queensland news story but relates to you travelers as well



Graffiti vandals will be jailed for up to seven years under new laws set to be passed in Queensland.


The legislation, likely to pass thanks to a recommendation from the parliamentary group charged with reviewing it, will see the maximum penalty for vandals increased from the current five-year maximum sentence and effectively make the state's punishment the toughest in Australia.


The maximum penalty for the same offence in New South Wales is five years, while in Victoria and Western Australia vandalism carries a maximum jail sentence of two years.


In South Australia offenders face up to six months' jail-time, while in Tasmania perpetrators may face a fine or a community service order.



However the proposed legislation is not without its critics Legal Aid Queensland and Protect All Children Today were among the organisations which filed submissions against the changes.


The Youth Advocacy Centre also voiced concern, writing “it is inconceivable that any court would punish anyone by imprisonment for seven years for an offence which does not present any serious risk to life or significant threat to any person.


“The offence of “assault occasioning bodily harm” has a maximum penalty of seven years – the same as proposed in this situation. It sends an odd message to the community – that putting (some) paint on a wall is considered as serious as actually inflicting injury on another person.”


In response, the department said the legislation delivered on a pre-election commitment to strengthen anti-graffiti laws.


“Graffiti crime demonstrates a complete disregard for property by the offender and costs the community significant resources annually for it to be cleaned up,” it wrote.


“The amendments reinforce that graffiti is an act of vandalism and that such conduct is against the law.”


The new Queensland legislation will also remove the distinction between basic graffiti offences and offences that involve obscene or indecent representations.


In its final ruling, the Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee noted courts would still retain the ability to consider cases on individual merit when sentencing offenders.


But the committee's ultimate support echoed the words of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General.


“The message which is being sent to the community by the amendments in this Bill is that graffiti will not be tolerated and the Committee endorses the amendments,” it wrote.



what a fucking joke.

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I wouldnt worry. no one is going to get seven years.


The LNP Qld Govt promised when in opposition it would stop the boats, ah i mean the graffiti, by introducing 'tough new sentences' for people convicted however the LNP aren't responsible for sentencing offenders, judges are and judges aren't as prone to ignorant hysteria regarding law & order as politicians are (esp qld politicians).


basically the laws were brought in so the Qld Govt could go 'oh look at the big job we're doing to stop this horrible graffiti' and the idiot talk back radio listeners who live there can nod their head in agreement.


no judge would sentence a writer to seven years and i don't think many police prosecutors would even ask for a seven year sentence


have a good one


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