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About 6 pieces


You're kidding?! Who could have a beef with Mr.E, he's like the Mr Nice Guy of Sydney graf.


Real pity they axed that Newtown piece, that was almost part of local history.

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Props to Mistery. Sydney wouldn't be the same without his walls scattered around the place...Him and Nerv(ous) even got involved with a youthy project back in the days when I was a teenager, Put together a legal with some of my mates...Shit turned into a feeding frenzy of racking later on...Many beltons and krylons went to waste in the hands of toys, ha





Anybody got any Nervous flicks?? Only seen a few photos and sketches form his portfolio.

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Why are so many no namers hosting exhibitions these days??


What ever happened to actually going out and doing graffiti?



The answer to your question is on the bottom RHS of the flyer... Oh and throw in some Fagbook as well :D

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they'll let any gronk do an exhibition these days. Going by the piece in the flyer for it i wouldn't expect to much from it.


suck off sessions is all they are. Guys like Glato and Ekats come on the scene for a minute, do a few tracksides and two or three panels and all of a sudden they are gods among mere men..


I have no problems with exhibitions in general, or guys making a quick buck.. but it should be earnt in my eyes, especially when there are others out there week after week risking jail sentences etc only to have these types come along when graff/street art is the in thing and reap all the benefits.

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