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if papoose can have a thread why not cass?


:hatred: :hatred: :hatred:

my nigga beside me wit triggas and niggas get bodied

i lock the strip and chop a brick like im mr miyagi

but this aint karate i been sick since i pissed in a potty

i probly been proper since my pop put dick in my mommy

im a cannon man, holdin the hammer man

for the loot nigga, shoot niggas like a cameraman

snappin a picture you get stuck like the back of a sticker

i get bars like the factory manufacturin snickers

and i do crimes for the bread like crutons

wit 2 9's i be layin clowns down like futons

wit the bullets in the rocket my pockets is full of creme

my bullets steam keep the steel in my hand like wolverine.......



c'mon man cass is ridiculous


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no really punchlines but


listen oct, i was really on cash

i was only 15 and had philly on smash

forreal i sill got philly on smash

see there some hot nuccas but im still the top nucca

and im still a block nucca so im money hungry

and i pop nuccas that try and take money form me

see your money's funny but i dont joke alot

i cop 20 after 20 cause i smoke alot

see i got an herb problem and i didnt

drop a single yet and im starting on my third album

so i bet your on my dick famm,

cause i met your C.E.O and he say "yo ima big fan"

imma big man cramed in a skinny body

and with the mini shotty, i'll jamm anybody

cause i dont feel none of yall

and with the raps and the gats i'll fuckin kill one of yall

i got my hand on my hammer, mind on my cake

cause i grind for the cake, do crimes for the cake

i can do the time but i aint tring to catch a case

man i got the gun with me but you'll get a buck fifty

man i keep the nine on my waist

pull out the knife and put a nike sign on your face

wait i put in time for the cake

thats why im thankefull for every dime that i make

got signed thats why dimes climbin in my escape

cause my pocket are fluffy and i remind them of mase

see im a bad boy, get trash bags full of cash boy

im in a vanquish not a jag boy, why you mad boy,

cause you catching cabs boy

and you getting paid less paper then my bag boy

see you a hater thats sad boy,

see your mom even likes me i might be your dad boy

your a mess stop, i know your upset oct,

but you better watch how your talking to your step pops

watch imma be going in your fridge,

and walk around with my boxers on in your crib kid

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Cassidy is kinda nice but he's late on the crouton/futon line. Remember that Beatnuts song where he was like "fold a nigga up like a futon, crush you like a crouton, bag you like louis vu-ton" Or something like that. It always trips me out though that people haven't heard where their lines were used beroe. LL violates on this constantly.

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Guest Resurrection

ain't cassidy the same dude talkin bout "i'm a hustla"


cassidy didn't sell shit in philly except lemonade.


he's also the same dude that said something about how he doesn't care if dancing isn't considered thuggish, he still dances and he'll still shoot you with a glock at the same time.

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Guest Resurrection
Originally posted by 26SidedCube@Apr 3 2006, 08:49 PM

those are good punchlines to you?


If you want punchlines check C Rayz Walz or Jakki... those dudes manufacture in bulk.


that's what i'm sayin those punchlines weren't HORRIBLE but they definitely were far from good. chino xl is the king of punchlines.

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regardless he still better than half the signed rappers out there, and mero is right, his charges were fucking bullshit, bring 50 niggas to my house, and id do the same shit if i had an AK.

cass crushes in battles, i fuck with him. i aint saying he's the best, but he aint no bush.


edit:all you MTV guzzeling bitches need to get the AM/PM tape(or whatever its called), then talk shit.

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