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Where is everyone?

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I've noticed lately that there's been a distinct lack of heads lurking around here....it's lame considering I'm here so much that i notice this but I have a good excuse.


But yeah, is this one of those fabled "lulls" I hear about everytime we have a thread that bemoans the lack of creativity and "not the same as it used to be...." feeling?


Is there an epidemic?


Was there a mass banning in between today and last friday?

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Here's a design lesson:


So, I guess this guy was supposed to sell pizza...



But, poor design leads weirdos like me to notice that the 'Chef', while happy, isn't really jolly, you know? Plus his hands aren't really 'anticipating the return of the dough', see how they just kinda hang there saying "Whatever man, I don't fucking care...". Top it all off with the infinity symbol and you got a great image for all the wrong reasons:


"Whatever man, I don't fucking care... TIMES INFINITY!"

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jebus i have a raft of shit to do.


fucking Western Blot on the TOPdGFPs, morpholino on WT followed by in situs for dorsalization markers, thank effing gawd i don't have to make the probes..all 4 of em, goosecoid, chordin, bmp4 and eve1, plus maybe flourescein uncaging.


then i gotta amplify MKS3 somehow, and get it into pCS2+ for RNA transcription...and there's all my antibody staining on a battery of embryos, and maybe in situ hybridization for MKS1 and 3 on them too.


don't even get me started on the FLJ and Hydin shit.

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yeah, I clapped two more times..so most of brooklyn with the exception of williamsburg (die hipster) should be clear of rain as well as some parts of upper manhattan and the bronx..no one gives a fuck about queens..and I hope Boston gets swallowed by a Tsunami

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