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horse cock

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while all you idiots are on 12oz posting pictures and rubbing eachothers dicks im getting ready to push my new issue of NITES OUT so just keep giving eachother handjobs and talking eachother up until your heads explode just like that fucktard bin laden and if you think the goverment actually pulled that shit off yeah right i bet they release a photoshopped pic of a dead arap from a 7eleven store robbery and put a diaperon his head to make him look like americas most wanted why the fuck you posting seve when he dont even live in milwaukee anymore and freights are not local duh so why would you even bother posting something that rolls out of the city looks like im going to need to put a milwaukee spread in the next issue to show some actual descent graff. By the way ive sold every copy of the old isssues of nites out something lifesucksdie couldnt even do so i guess all you haters are going to have to bid on issues one and two on ebay if you want to pick up a copy so dont get you panties in a bunch when the bidding goes higeher than face value and if you havnt seenm my flickr yet be sure to check it out since nobody in milwakukee takes flicks outside of the southside im flying to ny all the time and meeting up with real writers like cope2 and ces and med so if you think you got connections like me your as wromg as your mom when she decided to poke a hole in the comdm your dad used.

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^^^ WOW.. this guy is still talking about shit no one on here cares about.... if everything on here sucks to you. then why do you comment on or even come on here in the first place ?? never knew flying to new york and sweeting the same 3 people over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over was having connects... get a life lame.. oh and by the way lifesucksdie was making 1000s of copys of there mag to be sold and you on the other hand makes what like 50.... and last but not least grow some balls and see me in the street....lame fuck little boy

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Broski your wasting your time all this nuggah ever does, is be on flickr n on here steeling other ppls flicks n putting em toghether to make his "nite out " mag. its fucking sad cux it takes no type of skill to do that shit and to top it of 50 copys aint shit. you mag dosent even leave ur local area, give up at life man find ur self a diffrent carrer get an edducation go back to school or something idk but plz do all us a favor stop acting like ur a big shot when u are realy a low life bum n stop wasting other ppls time c'mon broskii smh

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