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horse cock

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hahahahaha2 is not fat and i dont how many times he has to tell u he is not pase or habet..pase can careless about u and to be honest we all try to ignore your bullshit..but i am going to punch u in the fuckin face for saying my moms name..sorry to the rest of the heads on here who read this, but oaks see u soon buddy..and this is habet im the only one who who is gunna bring it to you so dont try and act like you have a whole crew after you..just me tuff guy, go get your "og's" cuz your gunna need em

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nice flicks fatboy you where'nt even writeing in 96 yet alone taking flics you know if your gonna post someone else's flicks give credit where credits due cuz you've never been to pilsbury other then eating there cookies




hahahaha if you only knew.. and i dont need to give props on photos i repost if they have a prob with it then they shoulda watermarked that shit you fucking lame.... you ARE the true meaning of a internet thug... whole lotta talk over this board but non of it to that persons face........

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