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Two Milwaukee police officers were arrested Friday on corruption charges involving cocaine trafficking and money laundering.


Sgt. Royce Lockett was charged in U.S. District Court in Milwaukee with attempting to aid and abet the possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine.


Officer Paul Hill was charged with attempting to launder drug proceeds.


Lockett, with the department since 1997, and Hill, with MPD since 1992, have been suspended with pay, according to Anne E. Schwartz, Milwaukee police spokeswoman.


The two were arrested at their homes Friday and made their initial appearance in court Friday afternoon, the culmination of an investigation by the FBI and state and local law enforcement, including Milwaukee County district attorney's office investigators and the Milwaukee Police Department.


According to affidavits filed with criminal complaints against the two, Lockett and Hill became targets of investigations after a drug dealer turned confidential informant told authorities the officers were among several Milwaukee Police Department officers who allegedly associated with drug traffickers.


The drug dealer, who has been charged and has cases pending, told authorities in the fall of 2008 that he had been dealing cocaine in the Milwaukee area since the 1990s. He said that he operates a long-haul trucking company but no longer sells cocaine, court records say.


Both Lockett and Hill had frequented a nightclub that the drug dealer co-owned, and the two were often in the company of known drug dealers, the affidavits state.


According to the affidavits:


Lockett is accused of helping the confidential informant transport what Lockett thought was $19,000 in drug money and 2 kilos of cocaine in early June in Milwaukee. The informant called Lockett and said that his truck was broken down and he needed a ride to transport the drugs and money. Lockett met up with the informant, who showed Lockett the money and simulated cocaine, which was concealed in a hollowed out compartment of a beer keg.


Lockett agreed to give the informant a ride, but refused to transport the drugs, the affidavit states. Instead, he had an associate contact the dealer and pick up the drugs, court records state.


Lockett then accepted $1,000 for giving the drug dealer a ride, the affidavit states.


Authorities have videotape of Lockett looking at the money and simulated drugs, and the informant was wired to secretly record conversations with Lockett, the affidavit days.


In the case against Hill, the officer is accused of helping the same drug dealer turned informant transport on two occasions what Hill believed to be drug money. In May 2009, Hill transported the drug dealer and what was made to look like about $100,000 in drug proceeds, the affidavit filed with the complaint against Hill says. The officer was paid $500 for his work, which included providing security, court records show.


On July 1, 2009, Hill helped transport the drug dealer and what was made to look like $90,000 in drug proceeds, the affidavit says. Hill also got $500 for that work, the records state.


Authorities also have videotape and audio recordings of Hill from when he assisted the informant, the affidavit says.


In the Hill affidavit, the informant told investigators that Hill once in 2008 had warned people that their phones were being tapped by investigators.


The affidavit also alleges that Hill told the informant he should get out of the illegal drug business, but that Hill would warn the informant if he heard of anybody snitching on him.


Lockett faces a maximum of 40 years in prison if convicted; Hill faces up to 20 years if convicted.


Lockett was ordered detained until a hearing on his status on Monday.


Hill was put on electronic monitoring and house arrest.


A federal grand jury will take up the cases on Aug. 3

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anybody got a flick of that painted steel 3 freight i seen rollen around yesterday? Shit was looken prime.


not only do i hAVE a flick..but its a flick put on a magnet,

im not good at posting but your shit outta luck. but it sure is a banger

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