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horse cock

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I just realized I'm an +30 year old loser, who not only sucks at graffiti but also at other aspects of life, which may be why i live in my grandmothers basement. My attitude has led me to have no friends besides my kitty kats. Maybe if i spent less time on the internet talking shit like a coward and more time trying to achieve my goals i would be in a more positive situation and ultimately a happier person.




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yeah fatboy sure is wack and beef you cant even handle it without haveing like 10 bodyguards cuz your hard right thats why you never roll solo and you hire 16 year olds to do your dirty work for you thats why you got no handstyles and neither do your high schoolers you know that selling drugs to a minor can get you in big trouble[/quote


PU n ctu A shU n. (?)

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really i live in my grandparents basement okay if you say so oh wait im busy with my own life like the mag (with the stolen pics)and the website and putting my mag in barnes & noble and get your shit right and stop trying to defend pase and the rest of all out wackness i mean fuck let me handle my shit with fatboy and worry about your own worthless internet hipster lives go tryout for the hipster olympics or something and i herd antonia had a one nighter with tiger and now she says she feels cheated

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handle what??...your a bitch..dont get mad because people are telling u the truth about yourself...you say for them to let u handle your business well do it...what are waiting for...hahaha...u got joaks man...i know u will never throw a punch u will only beg and plea not to get your ass whooped and run..why didnt u stop me when i was taking all your paint and kickin over your wak ass peice, why didnt u handle your business..next time i wont feel sorry for your cancer patient looking ass..step into reality and stop believeing your own lies you will never handle nothng.

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