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ah yes hip hop now kids ive been bumpin hip hop since about 1984 songs like rocket and egyptin lover and sucker mc's where my first memories and wnov am was also vital back then too and ive seen it change over the years like how it went from parents just dont understand to bring the noise to goin back to cali and the dreaded ice ice baby but then came protect ya neck and that pretty much set up gangsta rap cuz at the same time west coast and dre where blowin up and then the west coast and east coast shit started to happen and then biggie and pac got shot and then crap like master p and getting jiggy with everything came out and that was around 98 and thats when the underground started to come alive with acts like atmosphere company flow del kool keith and even the beasties started doing more sci fi type shit too oh and if you cats wanna see a real graff type music vid check out company flows end 2 end burners oh and the artifacts used to write and so did del now as far as the crap that gets pushed to the front these days all the niggas showin there teeth and sippin on sizzerp is 'not hip hop" its "rap" hip hop is a lifestyle and a worldwide movement so just because mtv and rolling stone call the big tymers and eminem hip hop there not there just "rap"---the downfall back in 1995 major record companies wanted to get rid of vinyl records and they wanted to get rid of rap also but then rap stared to make money like doggystyle the wu tang and the white owners of these corporations where like "we love hereing about niggers killing each other lets keep them"so thats when hip hop got changed into rap and around 97 or 98 when big and pac died mtv"s head of programming was a chick and changed mtv and popular music forever and if pac and biggie lived we probably never would have herd of master p and these other fucks and even punk rock sucks too thanks to mr cobain all these shitty emo bands that wine instead of sing whats that allabout and white kids and mohawks the true spirt of punk died to when the corporations stared to use the music as ad jingles and when grunge became a fasion statement so blame white america for trying to control us and to think if it wasnt for all this shameless exploitaion of black culture and alternative lifestyles"punk rock" we would'nt have our first black pres-------

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Take another hit off that binger you idiot! Yes white people are exploiting the supposed black music culture. But as I clearly stated before, ITS THE WHITE LEFTIST DEMOCRAT PARTY! The same WHITE liberal leftists who propped up a half black half white president, just in order to enslave ALL americans and sell out our country. Pop culture is being controlled by WHITE democrats, and they are being controlled by? who knows ....

So when you start ripping on yourself WHITE dude, make sure you think just a little....

-you're the true definition of a bigot.....

long live the cat wizard

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