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horse cock

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I'm glad ES has called it quits on these forums.

Some of these young piecers are straight, but their heads are all in the clouds, thinking they're the rawest after six months of sketching in the black book their mom bought for them for Easter (which they weren't allowed to draw in until after the Easter service... father's orders).


Don't hate on ES, dudes are raw as fuck, they can rock any style... im not hating on you or anyone on this site, all I am saying is that these kids can shit hard...


Bump MURE, PER, JOSH, REBOK, CRYE, SLINK and all those dudes...

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hey guero? doesnt RIO already do those lil x's and stitches in the piece? CHOMP!

and doesnt EWOK do thos explosions for the background?CHOMP!

I give dude and A for cleanliness..but a BIG FAT F for originality!

And whats with the fagot san fran invasion? enough people dont already

ride san fran dick that you need us to? the san fran thread dont get enough hits

so they gotta go around and post the shit in dffrnt cities? WEAK like wet paper bags!

okay! back to riding dicks and cheering on your roommates and best buddies.

>>>>>>>>carry on.................

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dammit all those busted ass chicks inbetween flics is why i dont come in here more often and contribute.. stop that






also i got a request for more madison shit if anybody has anything they wanna put up..







its gonna be a looooong summer

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haha please son....dont lie yall know damn well i aint no fuckin pig..yall just came to ur senses..sniffin too much pussy will do it to ya....haha who heard of crt? or pauz...and only seen 1 thing by jack..and mca is dead!....u mean peace to the crews who got killed...shit.....





Shut the fuck up.



used to be take.

had that book that you bit mad.

drew over a piece i did with that bullshit marker.


youll see my shit.

go anywhere from villard and 87th, to downer, to shorewood, to south milwaukee, to lincoln, anywhere.


just look.

soon enough.

ill be over your shit.


had those bullshit tags on north and oakland. with that weak ass yellow marker.

went over them shits wit a mop mufucka.


bullshit ass tags.

you need to stay off the east, and from what i hear, fesk will woop yo ass if he sees you.

so basically, keep your tags off the south too.


cus ima keep linin yo shit.

cus your shit.

is indeed weak.



smooth move ex-lax.



otherwise, on the VC, MCA shit.....

MCA. last shit i saw was the shit fallin with the pfister n vogel building.

VC.....gotta say fuck em.

STay outta AOW's Ditches.



im outty.


***PZ*** still rep the east no matter where i live......

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