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so after 3 weeks of waiting


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i got $1100 bucks today and i have 8 bucks left.


i spent it on:


a new digital camera


car payment

tattoo payment

gave the girl 200 bucks to shop with

bought my grill finally

memory stick for the digi



i successfully spent all of the cash before 24 hours past.

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wait wait wait...



you gave her 200 clams AFTER you broke up?

break ups null and void and verbal agreement you may have once had.


please tell me you at least liked/loved the girl enough to throw the 2 bills at her in an attempt to soften her up enough to get back together


that must be some outlandish pussy

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after you broke up that is really fucking silly and the fact that even if you gave her the money before you broke up and then she broke with you you should probably be a pissed off at losing 200 bux like that. i'll shut up now coz it's youre life and i have no right to say what you shoul and shouldn't do.

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Originally posted by Vanity@Apr 2 2006, 05:55 AM

as in grill, i presume you mean the smile-for-me grill, not the george w/ the bun warmer



i got 6 fronts on top with white gold and diamond cut design but on the front two teeth only the bottom part are diamond cut. here is a pic of what diamond cut looks like but mine doesnt have the fangs or the yellow gold wall. i will post real pics on thursday when i get it.



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