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April Foolks Thread.


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My ex girlfriend instant messages me.


Her: wanna see the ring i am getting?!

Me (like a jackass): sure

Her: LINK=tiffany engagment ring bullshizzle

Me: oh yea who is giving that to you?

Her: Matt (old ex boyfriend from way before me who went to iraq)

Me: So what your getting married?

Her: Yea finally i mean its been so long

Her: I didnt know if I should of told you

Me: Why i doesnt really matter to me congrats

Her:Oh ok


Call 20 min later from her


Her: I got two words for you, April fools!!! hahahaha You felt so mad didnt you i know you did.

Me: I dont think that was even funny. That was just weird.

Her: Come on it was funny.

Me: Why I thought you were getting married thats cool.

Her: You werent mad at all?!

Me: No its not like you have any type of emotional grip on me anymore.

Her: Your a fucking asshole you know that!?



yea i was pissed as hell about the whole marrage thing. We broke up for no reason basically because i lost my license and couldnt get around to see her as much and i still want to be with her. I dont get why she calls me anymore...



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when i was 13 i was working at my friends family gas station and this 300 pound guy comes in with hisfriend to get his oil changed and he is waiting there sitting in a chair talking with his oxygen tank and shit. all the sudden he starts gasping clutching his chest his face gets all red and i was like oh fuck niggas having a mild cardial infarction i turn around call 911 and he just gets up laughing like hahahahaha that was funny!!!! i got you!!!! your face is white!!!! I had to call back 911 and cancel they gave me bullshit how calling 911 isnt a joke i could be fined it wasnt myfault




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