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what's the craziest looking animal?


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Originally posted by RiSC@Apr 1 2006, 09:17 AM

the fuck is that?



Anglerfish are named for their characteristic method of predation, which involves the use of the modified first spine from the first or spinous dorsal fin. This spine (the illicium) protrudes above the fish's eyes, with a fleshy growth (the esca) at the tip of the spine (the netdevil anglerfish has similar growths protruding from its chin as well). This growth can be wiggled so as to resemble a prey animal, and thus to act as bait to lure other predators close enough for the anglerfish to devour them whole. To accomplish this, the anglerfish is able to distend both its jaw and its stomach (its bones are thin and flexible) to enormous size, allowing it to swallow prey up to twice as large as its entire body.


As most anglerfish live mainly in the oceans' aphotic zones, where the water is too deep for sunlight to penetrate, their predation relies on the "lure" being bioluminescent (via bacterial symbiosis). In a related adaptation, anglerfish are dull gray, dark brown or black, and are thus not visible either in their own light or in that of similarly luminescent prey.

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Originally posted by cRXgti@Apr 1 2006, 11:15 AM



Fun Sloth Facts:


Sloths spend most of their time upside down. They eat, sleep, mate and give birth upside down. When they do go on the ground, either to switch trees or to defecate (usually once a week), they crawl or pull themselves along, as although they can stand, they cannot walk very well. However, they are very good swimmers.


Sloths sleep around 15 hours per day and may take up to a month to digest a meal.


Sloths are brown or grey in colour and during the wet season are often covered in a blue/green algae. They are quite well camouflaged which is a helpful defence for something so slow. Their sharp claws are also a form of defence.


There are two types of sloths - two-toed and three-toed. There are several differences between them, but since this is not a scientific description of them I won't go into it !


They usually live around 10-20 years in their native habitat in trees in the rain forests of Central and South America. In captivity they may live up to 30 or 40 years.


Sloths are the ugliest fuckers in the rain forrest.


Female sloths produce one baby a year, and the newborn is about 25cm long and 350g in weight. It will stay with it's mother for about 5 weeks.


Sloths have a diet consisting of leaves, young shoots and buds. They do not need to drink because they get all the water they require from the leaves.


They grow to a size of around 2 feet, or the size of a small dog. The males are shy and tend to be solitary, while females may gather in groups.


Sloths fall prey to people, jaguars, large snakes, harpy eagles and other birds


The sloth is the slowest mammal on earth and its ancestors were the Giant Ground Sloth, an animal that existed before the last ice age and grew to the size of a modern elephant.

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sorry guys, you posted a lot of crazy animals, but none of them are as crazy as a giraffe. the thing is absolutely ridiculous. sure, there are animals that are more alarmingly creepy, or one's that probably a bit weirder, but for all the factors combined, the giraffe takes it. if 'walking stick' bugs were about 100x's bigger, they might be a close second, but as it stands giraffes are at the top of the pile.

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caligala needs to tell us what that is or get banned.


you guys gotta understand what makes the giraffe the craziest animal in the kindom. some of these animals have a wacky aspect to them, like the lizard, but take away its zaney neck thing and its just a lizard. the giraffe though.....every aspect of that thing is crazy in a different way. it's got ridiculous long ass legs that dont look like they could ever possibly hold it up, then they have a weird ass angled body shape that's like a humpless camel, stuck doing a wheelie, then a retaaaaaarded neck of course. that thing is insane. it's like when a guy gets a penis enlargement surgery done, and it's all weird shaped and not quite right. then they have that head, that christ, that thing is just bizarre too. all in all, no matter which part of the giraffe you're looking at, the only possible thing you can ever think is 'wow, that's just weird'.

and theat, my dear friends, is why the giraffe is the craziest animal alive.

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the platypus is not to be fucked with. the're venom works on the pain receptors, so all it does is fucking hurt x's a billion. most venoms and poisons work on some life function of the body (breathing, circulation, etc) but platy's just fucking make you hurt like you skull fucked the baby jesus and god wasn't gonna stand for it anymore. you definitely don't want to tangle with one of those little guys.

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