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Trail Mix?


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Ok so at my house... A bunch of people come over to hang out and of course eat up all of the food... Sometimes they bring a little something to share with the rest of us (rarely of couse)... But I'm always stuck with bags of crumbs.


So I just decided to mix them all in one bag... Right now i'm enjoying Nacho cheese durritos, Hawaiian style BBQ chips, Ranch flavored rice cakes, Triscuits and Cheese Nips in one healthy mix... Anyone do this or got any concotions?


My ideal would be something like... Beef Jerky, bacon, pecans, sunflower seeds and cheese... :king:

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four years ago jack in a box used to have chili cheese burgers.


i'd drive there drunk as fuck down the street (stupid i know) just for those burgers. mmmmmmmmm man.


jack in the box has great drunk food period.


but trail mix type shit? lets see..... umm.... i cant think of anything. usually im pigging out on crackers and dip or chips and dip. :(

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Most chips mix well together.


One of my personal favourite sweet treats though is Puppy Chow.

Not the dog food. Some sort of delicious chocolate, peanut butter, and crispix mix.

It stays good for a really long time.


3/4 cup peanut butter

1 cup chocolate chips

1/4 cup butter

8 cups Crispix cereal

2 cups powdered sugar



Melt the peanut butter, chocolate chips, and butter together. Pour over the cereal in a large kettle or bowl and stir well. Pour the powdered sugar into a large brown paper bag and add the cereal. Fold the bag to seal and shake well to coat evenly.



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while drunk i figured this out....take the cookie jar. empty it *since its probably only got about 2-3 cookies if even that in it* crumble those up, empty out all the crumbs into a bowl *the crumbs are usually of upto 6 diff type of cookies, but fuck, what cookies don't taste good right?* crumble 'em all up together. grab a candy bar, wichever you like, break it up n put it into the bowl. pour in some cereal * i used cookie crisp* pour in some milk. and eat that shit up. devour n destroy it. then wake up in the morning, and be a diabetic. its great times.

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

Yeah, I really don't know what the fuck I was thinking... but it tasted like heaven. I'll do it again for sure if I ever run into the two.

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