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1981 Honda CB900 Custom... Bought it from a German dude who got it from a priest. It's a little old which is good because I'm still new and already almost dropped it. The engine is a fucking beast (inline 4) with 10 gears (5 hi and 5 lo) a shaft drive and a top speed of around 150.


The picture is the only one I have from the add on Craigslist...


Over the Summer it's going to be rebuilt, chopped, repainted and ridden from LA to Seattle and back...



Milton (HardXXXCore Biker Dude Oner!)


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Not really, it's a lot like riding a very large, very fast bicycle...


Thanks everyone, I'm excited.


The bike was $900, which I think is decent for the shape it's in and the priest only got it up to 38k which is good...


It sounds very "motorcycley" but in a japanese way, it doesn't rattle as much as a harley, but it's got a nice throaty exhaust note. Picture Nina Simone with a very bad cold.


I'm not exactly sure what the budget for chopping and painting is. If everything goes as planned I'll do it myself at my buddy's body shop. Right now the plan is to do it a black pearl shade and then to either powdercoat or use high-temp flat-black on most of the engine components similar to the Harley Night Train.



I'll definitely come back on when I start the process and let you know about the progress. And probably to beg Steve Austin for advice...


On another note my grandfather already made fun of me about the sissy bar. It's only 4 bolts holding it on, it will be on ebay as soon as possible. If I have to hear "sissy bars are for girls" or "it's so cute you can take your girlfriend around with you..." one more time I'm going to develop a complex.


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damn thats things ugly......glad you only paid 900 for her


Im sure its going to look real nice after you put some work into it...

I would probably do alittle bit of engine work since it has so many miles

like adjust the valves

and do a complete tune-up

flush out the whole system


good luck with fixing it up.....make sure you post the progress pics

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I purchased a sporty a while ago and am thinking about getting one of those chop kits but I havent decided if I want to do that or chop it for real. I just dont know what the cost will be to actually chop up the frame. If I could do it my self I would but I dont have the know how or the tools. I have imaging that will cost you at least 4grand with all the paint and labor in chopping the fram. Do you know what Rake you are going to turn it into?

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Fuzzy, the bike isn't pink, it's purple. Also, remind me again, who in the world are you? Go post in Paper Chase or something. The bike was owned by a priest, so dissing it is pretty much like dissing God himself.


That Chopper Kit looks nice! I might do that and just paint it myself. I haven't really figured everything out. No idea what kind of rake I'm going with, but that one looks close, maybe I'll do a little closer to the stock set-up though.. There are some sites that have frame plans online for chopper frames, you just change them up to fit the engine mounts, etc. But that is a lot of fucking work. While I used to be pretty damn handy with an arc welder back in highschool, I have no idea where to find one to use and I've probably lost my touch. Now that I look at it, it looks pretty close to the stock rear fender only painted. The seat rides really low, like I can sit on it flat footed to the ground with my knees bent. So I might just modify the existing frame and fenders to take a bigger rear wheel and tire. I'd like to chop the rear fender pretty seriously so it is flared out similar to some of the sportier soft-tails.


What year sportster do you have? A friend of mine had one that he really liked but someone turned left into his front wheel and twisted the forks up pretty bad so they totalled it.

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I have a 2005 sportster 883low. I might get the chopper kit for it and it come with a bunch of other stuff other than just modifications to the frame. here is the site you can check out for more info.




The only thing that sucks about the chopper kit is that I guess technically its not really chopped. More just made to look like it is. Real chopper guys would never do that but fuck it...its the first bike I have ever owned. I sure as hell dont know what I would be doing if I were to take my bike apart trying to make it look better.

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Oh and about ridding from LA to Seattle. Have you ever ridden for hundreds of miles at a time? That shit really sucks if you dont have a really good touring seat and even if you do your back takes a beating. It would be fun but I would make a week long trip out of it each way. Thats just me though. I road from LA to San diego and back one day and by the time I was done my ass hurt so fucken bad I had to stand up while ridding on the freeway for a while just to get some blood flowing again. lots of stops and rest for your trip will be needed for sure. I wouldnt do more that 300 miles in a day ,maybe 400 tops.

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I started with a scooter, it helps you figure out how to balance on 2 wheels. I took it up to 75 on the Vegas strip. Once you figure that out start with a small (250-600cc) street bike or a dirt bike. I tried to learn on a 1200 Goldwing, it was trouble, I laid it down within 30 seconds. I didn't know those things could wheelie, but they can... After I picked it back up and figured out how to use the clutch it wasn't so bad. It makes even the 900 seem tiny. But ya, start with a small street bike, figure out how the clutch works and be careful, let the clutch off slow and don't rev the motor while the clutch is in...

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