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drunk dialing..


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so, i wake up and had all these missed calls at like 7 am..


im thinking, why the hell are these people calling me this early, i check my voice mail and im getting laughed at for calling a friend at 3*30 am..




then i looked at my dialed calls and called people i hadnt talk to in a long time, also call people i had beef with, i have no clue what i said..



tell me about your drunk dialing experiences..

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Top Posters In This Topic

I'm the worst drunk dialer in the world...I call people I don't even really like askin them why we don't hang out, call friends to tell em how much I love em and apolagize for bein an ass all the time, call random girls and ex's to tell em exactly how bad I wanna fuck em, and my all time favorite...call my mother to tell her what a whore I think she is

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Guest uncle-boy

depending on if im with a chick at the end of the night, if noti will usually call a ton of girls that i wanna bone.


call homies and tell them how much were fam and that we need to go paint the next day (then im hungover the entire next day and dont do shit, espcecially answer my phone cause i dont want to talk to all the people i left messages for all ripped like)


call aquaintences and tell them that we need to kick it more


call old friends and reminise while they soberly and uncomfortably agree and kinda just laugh at me


all in all, good laughs. nothing really bad ever happend from my drunk dialing experiences. :knock on wood:

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i called a girl i hadnt talked to in months


and i apologized to her for acting like and asshole and i told her i didnt want her to remember me like that.



i fucking never used the phone drunk like that again.


shit was crucial the next day,


i was getting calls from all her friends(who were my friends too, kinda) asking me what he fuck was wrong with me calling her at like 4am



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Virgin mobile has a great service that prevents drunk dialing.


Before a night of drinking you dial the number that you don't want to drunk dial with the prefix 333 and it won't let your phone call that number again until 6 AM the next day.


I think it's only available in aussieland though.


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