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my ladys bike


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this is my ladys bike... we found it in a dumpster... basically...

its a specialized hemi... the only photos i could find of them online were the aluminum versions (hers is chromoly)... and hers was a lightly rusted burnt orange and white... i stripped sanded and refinished most of the bike..



again different colors






pre clear coat





post clear coat





the lovely lady.... smashortrash?




sorry about the glare and really, photos kinda take away from the real deal... especially these photos..

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some guy asked for the steps in the bicycle thread on ch 0 so i made a run down...


take the bike completely apart... including head set cups and bottom bracket cups... i work at a shop so it wasnt a big deal, but most bike shops would take them out, maybe for free, maybe for a small fee... youll have to get them back in also..

i taped off the areas where the cups go in so that paint didnt build up and make life hell getting the cups back in..


i stripped it down to the bare metal and sanded any remains of paint or primer off... i used a gel stripper made for metal that burns like crazy and eats through rubber gloves... it works great though,,, thats the hard part getting the paint out of the nooks and crannies...

(frame forks handle bars cranks seat clamp)


i should have primered the whole thing but i ended up not doing it.. i did many many many coats of paint... the frame is actually two tone pink.. a darker pink in the back and krylons watermelon in the front which looks like bubblegum... the "powder blue" stuff is actually teal-ish in color.. again tons of coats... and i used a NY skinny for all that due to the nature of skinnys... light coats are best so you dont get thick spots that sag... getting the whole thing covered well is an issue


hand paint the hearts and stuff on both sides.,, her name is on the downtube...

i used acrilics


pull out that ny skinny again and more than two cans of clearcoat later its basically done... it took two days to do the clear coat theres a shit load of clear on there and doing light coats that dry in between...


put it back together ride enjoy earth


if i missed anything let me know

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and pfffft yea i did the artwork too... when i brought the final product into work.. the head mechanic is an old guy named joe... he kinda glanced at it and was like thats neat tim... and then asked how i printed out the stuff and stuck it to the frame... when i explained they werent stickers and were hand painted he was like "OH WOOOOW" and took a long look at it... having it the same on both sides makes peeople glance over the fact its done by hand..

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rage: they are just green stars with lil white highlights... the lady got a new dslr for x mas and those were taken playing around with it... i keep saying we need good photos of it for "the archieves"... ill try and get some decient closeups asap if anyone cares to see them... i put a lot of time into the heart stuff... but thanks again for the comments..


lox: whos that on my counter?

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whoah i havent checked the thread in a while... im glad people still appreciate it... thank you for the comments... i painted her computer case and posted them a while back but i suppose i could post them again


the other side has a pretty wack "piece" on it...


again thanks

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kind of old and late now i know... but i was kinda excited i found a photo of the original color scheme of her bike.... i donno why i didnt look ON THE SPECIALIZED SITE before but they had an archive of their bikes till 2002.... hers is a 2002 hemi mx which is one step down from the "pro" and a step up from the bottom of the line bikes... the colors are perfect for texas seeing as they are UT colors but the bike had a chicago or detroit bike shop sticker on it... enough ramble



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