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12oz Cribs (Winter into Spring Edition 2006)

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Originally posted by AlwaysBombin@Mar 30 2006, 03:03 AM

Yeah everyone seems to have a real nice house...only reason I'm livin decent is cuz I haven't hit 18 yet and I'm still home. Give it a few months and I'm gunna be certified shithole status



Haha i was about to add "Hey guys flick, your parents room too."

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^ hall way to my room.



^ Big scrizzle in the living room. JVC 61 inch.



^ Living Room (couches are my roomies, and they were free)



^ Hallway once you walk in my apartment.



^ Dining Room shot



^ Kitchen scene



^ My bathroom



^ My roomola.

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I'm definitely trying to find a studio with exposed brick. Shit is so fucking hip. Especially if you put vintage movie posters on it.


Meanwhile, just in case I'm not hip enough, I'm impulse buying a motorcycle that was "almost in Pulp Fiction..."


[+10 hipster points -- I'll buy some dress shirts and slacks to compensate.]

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12oz, I'd like to welcome yall to my crib...


(Everything best read in a imitation RZA voice.)


Yo, first we got the living room...


Notice I do it proper with the TV set like the homie PMB...


Next we enter the dining room, where we give praise to Yoda before any meal is served...


Right here is where a majority of the cooking goes down...



Oh word... Inside the fridge...Real minimal


Sometimes we lounge in this area and play scrabble & shit..


Or cards in the garage, just re-felted the table...


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Now let me take yall upstairs...


This is my humble little sleeping area...


Still waiting on my designer to come through with the new furniture...


The roomies room... Note the Mac Dre bobble head... Yaddada?


The master bedroom room... Bastard!


Entryway to his shitter/walk in closet area...


This right here is where all the magic happens...

My_shitter.jpg My bathroom.

Then back downstairs, we got the guest bathroom


And of course the office space...


Then we step outside to the deck. Gotta have the hammock (nothing extreme yet)...


And you know, this is where I go and think about life and about how blessed I am and shit blahblahblah...


Yo on a clear day you can see heaven.


Thank for stopping by... Respecto!

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