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IRAN-why not North Korea & VENEZUELA ?


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Haha.... ^^^^

It's going to take me a minute to catch up on this as well. It seems like every thread in crossfire has been bogging down into sectarian violence lately. I'm afraid a civil war might break out.

May I make some suggestions? Post sources!!!!!!!!

People quibble about not knowing the facts, well then present the facts. Simple thing. And it makes you much more credible.

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north korea: fine. no problem with that.


venezuela, however, i do have a problem with you saying that.

why do you want it nuked? because chavez is giving back the land that the rich stole formt he poor? because he called bush out for being hilter-esque?

because he won't bow to our concessions? why? give me one good reason why you're hating on a good country an a good president (of venezuela).


as for iran: it's like this, our govt. wants key positions in the middle east to carry out strikes on the rest of the middle east. Operation Iraqi Liberation. O.I.L.




HOLD ON, HOMIE. You're pretty much defending COMMUNISM there. He's doing EXACTLY what Fidell Castro did. & Fidell is actually COACHING him on it. Telling him step by step what to do to slowly choke the dam country.

It's 1 thing to call out Bush (WE"RE ALL DOING THAT)

& another to Not bow to our concessions..(everybody should stand up for themselves)

but don't come in here with that good president crap. Chavez is a dictator in the making.

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Chavez may be making some questionable moves to consolidate power but he is far and away better than the fascist plutocracy he replaced. He's not a popular socialist leader with tremendous grassroots support for nothing. His power grabs would be hard to describe as selfish, given how much he has done for his people.

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Joan Eva Morales in Bolivia has more balls than Hugo Chavez because Chavez only increased taxes on the oil companies operating in Venezuela. Morales plans on completely nationalizing the oil companies in Bolivia. What we are really talking about when we are asking if their moves are sustainable or not is how much ire are they going to draw from the powerful international oil juntas? There's already been an assassination attempt on Chavez but he remains undaunted. There's a powerful social movement in South America to come out from under the yoke of these dubious trade agreements that have been pushed even more heavily in recent years. NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT... people can only take so much.

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Well, Well, Well,


Look what north korea is doing testing out there new Missiles...They are sending a message to the world that they are here and wont take shit from no one.








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hey MAR i actually dont know the answer to this so dont take it as me tryign to have a dig at you.


but by your logic wouldnt the jews not in fact be native to israel because they just rocked up there after they escaped egypt or whatever? from a purely anthropological perspective not because god promised them the land or whatever some might claim.

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