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Originally posted by seeking@Mar 27 2006, 10:46 PM

this is an awesome thread. we should definitely post all the 3d's in here...that way i can never come back and i'll never have to look at this weak shit ever again.


ya seeks i feel ya but ya cant forget about these .......


DIEGO FMK ....he,s from paris but i painted these with him back in 96-97 in ann arbor michigan

heard he moved to chi-town and crushed shit there ,he didnt do only "3-d"pieces

but he did a few which are crazy ill ....bump for DIEGO :king:




my favorite.........


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Originally posted by infared@Mar 28 2006, 11:56 AM

with very few exceptiions, 3D pieces are what heads do that are pretty good at art but cant rock good letters for shit. its a way of cheating and avoiding having to do good letters.


Except most 3d pieces don't look like they're done by someone who really understands how to render a three dimensional object. Bad letters + simple 3d "tricks" + an inability to render the cheap 3d tricks correctly = shitty graffiti.


Of the thousands of people who've tried this shit there are only a handful that do it well. When it's done wll, I love it, but I die a little inside when I see most of this shit.

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