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Ok, beer as old as i can renmber.

the colder the better.

everycountry drinks it. as far as i know.

us ozzys are mad proud of out beer.

but i gota say been gettin some imports.

and they are quality...

theres enough drinkers on the oz.

so whats best about the globe?



Amsterdam Mariner are a good lager.

Stellas are good too. (no idea where they are from)

crown lager (australian) is also up there in my book.

im sure i got a lot more tasteing to do.


most over rated beer: carona. fuckin cat piss with a fat price ticket.

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Guest spectr
Originally posted by Lonesome Cowboy Bill@Mar 25 2006, 03:00 PM














bud light? coors light? what the fuck are you thinking? go drink some dank beer like dogfish old rasputin boonville anything but that crap shit even a michelob is better then that crap fuck i would rather drink st. ides or steel reserve then that fucking piss what the fuck is wrong with people today

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okay, stella is a belgian beer and so is hoegaarden but that's a girl's beer

being belgian is cool because we have the best beer in the world,

i don't know if you can find this one in america but this is the king of beer:




it's really impossible not to like this one, it's fresh and clear and heavy as a motherfucker, all belgians looove this shit (only too bad the biggest shareholder of the brewery is an extreme right political party-ironical cus 'duvel' actually means devil)


another good tip is this one



this one is made by abbots and is also very strong but most people prefer duvel

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