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Hi Police Officer


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haha i fucking had 2 wack ass neighbors at my old house... one old lady behind me would always come over to my house and say my rott was barking..funny the dog would be inside the house..so obviously he wasnt parking.. fucking bitch..she would try to come into my house and shit.. i had to slam the door in her face so many times.. but my dog got revenge! he fucking slammed into her brick fence and knocked down her fence and stomped all over flower garden!


and then my next door neighbor .. we popped off firecrackers and my dad came into town.. he let me rent it while he lived in another state...and said that me and my homies were popping off guns haha..and that i was fucking alot dudes at my house..hahaha which was not true..what an asshole

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i love my dogg<333

and would shot anyone tring to steal it

but find the neighbers car night at like 12:00

so you know they will be sleepin and break the windows

and throw bucket paint all over the inside of the car

then maybe some on the outside and just make sure

its every where. but make sure you do it not to late

you want the paint to be completely dry when they

find it the next morning.

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hahaha, this is my kind of topic. have had lots of practice with this kind of shit. isn't it funny how every neighbour i have starts shit, little do they realize i love to finish it.


start doing shit like breaking off keys in the locks, i used to crazy glue it in before breaking it off. if its a house you can remove the hydro meter (the glass globe at the back or side of the house with the counter) you'll cut off the power and they're $$$ to replace.not hard to take off. if they got a mail slot in the door, find their hose in the middle of the night slip it in and turn it on.regular brake fluid will eat car paint which is fun.


right before i moved from my last house i was at war with the neighbours on the left & right as well as the ones above me. i had control of the utilities for the house so the power would get shut off whenever a party was going on past what i deemed as late. the hot water would get turned off etc... when i'd get home form painting trains at night the death metal would get cranked around 2-3 am, or i'd crank it and leave nice and early. only had the cops come by twice and then it was time to move, was a fun 2-3 months of torment. never lived in an apt. building but i'm sure there's lots of fun to be had in the comunal areas, take a shit in the laundry dryers and let that shit bake. just watch out for cameras...

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My neighbor used to pull that shit.


Some things to consider:


Ivory snow in hot tubs, fountains, anything else with moving water.


Go to pornstore get "heavy rubber" "latex lovers" and other very strange Fetish Magazines, fill out subscription, send in cash.


Switch the wires in the call box at front door.


Switch the wires in the elevator.


Set off smoke detectors frequently.


Have "loud parties" with two-to-three friends dress appropriately and be playing a board game and classical piano music when security gets there.


Yell random shit in the middle of the night -- Some of my all time favorites "Frank, bring the car around..." "I told you not to call me on the house phone..." "Never underestimate a woman scorned..." etc... [Also, having imaginary conversations very loudly late night or early morning works well.]

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This is one of the funnier threads in recent memory. The crips shit is gold, as well as tossing shit at people as the leave a burning building Casek..

shit, what an image. hee hee


how about police tape and some thinned red paint? Make a lil` ol`

crime scene home coming?

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