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80's movies

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Well,hahaha.....I'm hungover and watching The Breakfast Club right now.....you know you have some favorites....fuckin' Bender.....post 'em up.....I throw a long quote in just for hell of it....


"PB and J with the crusts cut off.....well Brian,that's a very nutricious lunch....what?....did your mom marry Mr. Rogers?"


Brian:"No.....Mr. Johnson"


"Oh......here's my impersonation of the life at Big Bri's house......SON!....yeah Dad!.....How was your day pal?.....GREAT DAD!!!HOW WAS YOURS?.....SUPER!!!.....say son,how'd you like to go F-I-S-H-I-N-G this weekend?.....GREAT DAD!!!!but I've got homework to dooooooo.....THAT"S ALRIGHT SON!!!....YOU CAN DO IT ON THE BOAT!!!!.....GEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!.......dear,isn't our son swell?.....yes dear,isn't life swell?......:kiss:.......:kiss:"


Andrew:"Alright.....what about your family?"


"Oh mine?......that's real easy"


"STUPID,WORTHLESS,NO GOOD GOD DAMNED FREELOADIN' SON OF A BITCH....RETARDED BIG MOUTH KNOW-IT-ALL ASSHOLE JERK.....(you forgot ugly,lazy and disrespectful)...SHUT UP BITCH!!!!!...GO FIX ME A TURKEY POT PIE......but what about you dad?...fuck you....no,Dad...what about you?....fuck you.....NO DAD!!!WHAT ABOUT YOU?!!!!....FUCK YOU!!!!"


Brian:"Is that for real?"


"You wanna come over sometime?"


Andrew:"It's all bullshit....I don't believe a word of it"


"You don't believe me"






Andrew:"Did I studder?"


"Do you believe this?......it's about the size of a cigar.....DO I STUDDER?.....see this is what happens at my house when you spill paint in garage.....see......soooo....I don't think I should have to sit next to you fuckin' dildos anymore......"




:throws books off the table:


I have seen this movies so many times and it never gets old......what are some your favorites?.....post 'em up

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I was watching Fast Times the other night. Ferris Bueller is always a favorite of mine, also watched Pretty in Pink not too long ago, maybe tonight i throw in The Breakfast Club. i dig 80's movies and some music.



deto/80's baby!

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Conan: What gods do you pray to?

Subotai: I pray to the four winds... and you?

Conan: To Crom... but I seldom pray to him, he doesn't listen.

Subotai: [chuckles] What good is he then? Ah, it's just as I've always said.

Conan: He is strong! If I die, I have to go before him, and he will ask me, "What is the riddle of steel?" If I don't know it, he will cast me out of Valhalla and laugh at me. That's Crom, strong on his mountain!

Subotai: Ah, my god is greater.

Conan: [chuckles] Crom laughs at your four winds. He laughs from his mountain.

Subotai: My god is stronger. He is the everlasting sky! Your god lives underneath him.

[Conan shoots Subotai a skeptical look. Subotai laughs]



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Schwarzenegger plays a local city cop who got kicked outta the FBI. His old time friend in the FBI loses a son to some mobsters. He asks Arnold to go in and inflitrate the crime family off the record.


If you havent seen this, its a must see. You havent seen shit until you have seen arnold play an italian gangster.

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Commando has the greatest one liners in history with comedic deadpan delivery from Arnie.



An actual good flick from Arnie - this movie rocks!



The Thing - My favourite film from the 80's



Brilliant film from Stallone which spawned the whole Rambo saga.



Awesome film from Segal - This is an actual good action movie.



The 80's bought endless cheesy action films, which can be viewed with either great pleasure or great distatse (critics find them stooooopid) though if you watch 'em with your brain switched off and can take them as a comedy your set for laughs upon laughs.

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haha....Steven Segal.......on another note.....I watched Breakin' the other night while drinkin' with some friends.....he even had the original box which is like the size of a suitcase.....I don't remember that movie being as bad as it was when I saw it in '84...."ain't noone gonna stop us now....no stoppin'....no one can do it betta"....oh man.

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