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the 'my cousin fucked my cat and shit in my purse' thread.

Guest nutsonmychin!

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My Korean/Persian buddy made a good point. He feels that if he slept with a Korean, it'd feel like sleeping with a cousin or something. That's how I feel about Indian girls a lot of the time.


But, yo, this thread is funny. Sorry about your luck, Porkchop. This is like that Maybe situation in Arrested Development.

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Originally posted by absentminded63@Mar 24 2006, 11:03 AM

just got back from fucking my cousin, what did i miss?



fuck this is definately one of the greatest threads of all time. you would want to make sure your cousin doesnt find this.



my honest thoughts though. symbols is the only person to comment who actually knows what she is talking about and she is recomending trash. maybe think about that.





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Originally posted by shaolinmasta@Mar 24 2006, 12:08 AM

lolskis porkchop YOU SHOULD NOT SMASH - that is like against all fucking religions probalbly even satanism.


In Judaism direct cousin marriage is frowned upon although not forbidden directly in the text. Although, considering that it would give a bad name to Judaism (which is a law issue) if people started boinking thier cousins it may in turn be forbidden. But lets not complicate things any more than nessisary.


In my (figurative) sister P-Choppa's case, they are not direct cousins, since its so far removed (her grandmother, on her fathers side, is the said love interest grandmother's sister (confused yet?)) it probably wouldnt be a problem in Judaism or for that matter most other religions.

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look imho, all jokes aside, i feel its not my business. Whatever she decides to do should be based on how she feels not what 12oz. says. The only thing that bothers me is that fact she came here to express her doubts. It worries me that she feels uncomfortable with the relationship but is going to get involved with him anyway out of the fear of hurting him.


Porks, if what i wrote above is true know this: Whatever you decide to do he's going to feel hurt but its better to end it now before he gets even more emotionally attached.


Trust me.

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