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the 'my cousin fucked my cat and shit in my purse' thread.

Guest nutsonmychin!

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Guest nutsonmychin!






I've met the dopest boy on the planet. We've been talking for almost two months. He lives down in So Cal tho so we havent been able to kick it much. We have been talking like every night...till like 4am sometimes.


He graduates from school today and he's comnig up next weekend to stay for a few days.


I'm fucking crazy about this guy....but here's the deal...


k. shut up...we met thru random people, all really leading back to myspace. We dont really have any close friends in common. But his bestfriend is friends with my bestfriend....etc.


So last night he's having dinner with the whole fam, mom, grandma and grandpa, sister, etc. He's telling grandparents about me. He mentions my dad living in Chester Ca, his grandma says, "Chester! My nephew Joe Schmo lives there!" So...the boys like..."Schmo?? no way. how do you spell that..."


and you see where i am going with this. Joe Schmo is my Dad. His grandma is my grandma's sister.


i tried to get super drunk and find a loop hole that makes it ok to date you cousin.....


this type of shit doesnt happen to people.



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Guest nutsonmychin!

we're not first cousins


like 3rd or 4th.


but FUCK. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. you have to be kidding me.


i met my cousin on myspace and fell i love with him!?

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if your dad's grandmother or mother, is sister of his mother or grandmother, doesn't that make him a second cousin, or even farther down the family tree? i think it does, that would mean his folks are your dads cousins, and he's their kid. i tell you, my grandmother died, and i met a second cousin i never knew i had... boy did i wish i knew she was around, and it turned out we were going to the same college at the time. whatevs, smash.

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