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veteran status


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word... if i can still add right, this will be my 5,000th post, so i made it all fancy and special new topic like to show that i'm not just trying to grab e-fame with my mega-mad post count. but i actually put some thought into what i say. sometimes. nah, not really.

just fucking off.

anyways, yeah wow obviously i'm not racking up my 12oz points because it took me 4 damn years to get here, which by some standards is a long time. i finally got my own computer like 2 years ago so that helps, even high speed. i'm fucking ballin (though by some standards this is the basics, i ain't rich by any means). anyways, what the fuck am i talking about?

yeah, i'm surprised how much of my life i have spent here, how much i've been through. clearly my screenname reflects this as a low period of my life. when i joined the ounce, i had recently got out of jail after like 6 mos or some shit not to mention all the other bullshit that went along with it i'd rather not mention. i think i ... i dunno.... but i joined the ounce. just another way to share and rationalize this crazy experience we call life.

i am actually literally a veteran now, and from my military experience (as godawful shitty as it was at times) i've managed to carve a piece of existence out on this rock so that i'm able to even be here with yall in the first place.

during this seemingly innocuous tenure on 12oz i've almost died and/or gotten locked away in prison forever more times than i care to remember.

the only bright spot (aside from a nominal success in my career), my relationship with my girlfriend, even ended in the most horribly bleak way imaginable.

BUT, I think I feel my luck is beginning to turn around. I have realized the difference between fate and destiny. All this time I have been resigned to my fate. my doom. I wondered why my life seemed like such a dead end, and there seemed to be no rhyme or reason whatsoever for my continued existence, spare a few hopeless causes i embraced as though my life depended on it, which i guess it did in a way. I hadn't realized just how kind my Destiny could be. Gods will for my life, perhaps greater than i ever could have imagined, has been revealing itself to me. the devil has blinded me for so long, but i think my prayers are finally reaching that remote point in space where the diembodied head resides.

and so, with that i'm turning over a new leaf, i'm following the stars, and i may just find my way home someday.

please feel free to post pictures of fireworks, balloons, shooting, candy, midgets, and anything else that may come to mind.

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yo villian...you're a good guy, but bro...you gotta kick that depression ish. shit'll kill ya. do what you gotta do. life's what you make of it...if you always focus on the negative...it'll be shitty. the bad shit is history and I know you've been through your fair share...but it's time to let it go.


It sounds like that's what this is all about...so I wish you luck, peace and happiness.

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congrats my nig..


you've always been a constant source of inspiration and one of the only reasons I checked this board during my first few months here..Helping me make sense of of topics all too often left convuluted by Pop culture bandwagoning, Psuedo Racist Trendiness and general "I'ma hardc0r3 graff3r" posturing..you will be missed.



now that I'm done with being gay..



Yo, when you say retire do you mean retire or "retire"? Are you dipping out completely, lurking or getting a new screen name? Holla at a whodie when you see him on the street..

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