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Spuds Mckenzie

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tool are amazeing!


SOBER! mad song!

part of me


those whole albums.

fuck most songs are awesome.

all aenima was mad.

and lateralus was a evolution.

as a whole piece.

dam listend to that shit on acid in my room with the lights off full blast with headphones. now that was something.


any one get in to a perfect circle?


yeah and the new albums ment to be droping any time soon

i herd the track list leaked on some jap forum. dunno could just be hype.

im hyped.


"get that bob marley wanna be motherfucker outa here". hah.


"i need you to find a comfortable space thats not only comfortable, but vunerable. shut your eyes, ill meet you on the other side."


"black and white are all i see in my infancy, red and yellow then came to me helps me see" something like that.


keenans got qual-i-ty ly-ic-s

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yeop, probally at the top for mee to.

what i find amazeing is that so many people around the world dig it.

i get in a cab and its some midle eastern 50 year old dude and hes got it playin "CRANK THAT SHIT UP BRO!" exchange students from france love it.

rocket scientists love it. seriously some third eye open shit. for the realheads.

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