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Why graffiti ruined my life...

Danger Zone

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ill kill your face...never understood that one, because if you kill their face wont you kill their sentience and being, and that woulld be murder and prolly more heat than you're ready to handle

p.s i bet your a scrawny 13yr old, e-fronting bitch

so fuck off

but i agree with you

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It seems as though graffiti writers have more problems than most. After years and years of this shit I havent gained anything. And no, doing a sick burner will not make you a happier person. Recognition will not provide redemption. All this shit leads to is felonies, violence, headaches, health problems, lack of sleep, anxiety and social isolation yet im still am compeled to do it. I used to have grand schemes about what graffiti meant but now I know that it doesnt mean shit. Its an ego trip for ego manics to feel better about themselves and feel important. To make us feel permanent in this very impermanent world. Even when I get past that I still see no real reason. If you are just picking this up then quit now. It will infect your system like a virus and become a part of you. Soon youll probably develop a double life. Be at war with yourself between your graffiti ego and the fact that you are normal. quote]

I think this shit is pretty on point

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:lol: :lol:

7 years homie...

ahahaha y u guys be hatin' you gotta give this guy at least some respect for devoting 7 years to this graff shit or in some peoples cases digging their own graves, but graff is for the ride nothing else lotta toys out their need to get their facts straight and in the end the chances of you living a generic mediocre life were pretty high anyway but you as i decided to take the chance and make ourselves individuals.but in the end end it doesn't even matter anyways wee just insignificant bacteria on some planet in some corner of the universe.


PS: theres too much beef going on in this sub culture writers need to unite!

PSS:fuck hipster styles.there i said it.

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I understand your point/opinion... I can kind of relate. Between jail time... fines... issues getting jobs because of felonies... lost relationships with family... lost a relationship with the woman of my dreams because i simply put graffiti first second and third in my life... everything else is not priority. dont get it twisted. i am a functioning member of society... but ive had my fair share of struggles to get where i am today, and if not for graffiti i think i would be in a better place financially and career wise. I can say this though, graffiti has ruined the lives of the people around me because my actions effected them. BUT the people ive met, the friends ive made, the places ive traveled to and the things ive seen, id never take back. the fact that i can go to paris, spend days in tunnels and seeing everything that a normal tourist would never see in their life, amazes me. graffiti has ruined my life, but without it im not sure i would have really "lived" my life....

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