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Guest imported_Tesseract


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Guest imported_Tesseract

I spend the whole day today doing 2 things,

Driving and talking with cops...yes Cops

There was a break-enter-steal situation at my grandfathers house yesterday.My grandfathers house is 250 km away and my grandfather is dead since 98.

Noone was living in the house but it had lots of things in it.

So i drive for 2 hours, first stop Police station, talk with a bunch of cops that kept looking me like i was from a fucking zoo or something. Noone of them was able to do his job they where all bored beyond recognition.

I finnaly arrange with a couple of them to come over to the house and take fingerprints.They ask me the address and say that they'll be there in 10'

Second stop, the house,the door was broken and the entire lock was on the floor the house was fucked up, all things were thrown away plus it was freezing in threre.

Waited for the cops for 1 hour, they came and sorryed me for being late.

I called a locksmith to get a new lock he said he'll be there in 2! hours....OK

The cops were stupid when i say stupid i mean s-t-u-p-i-d I basically told them what happenned, i corrected their wrong theories about what happened and i was doing that with such an eagerness that i noticed that eventually they started to stare at me in a weird-suspicious way, like "where do you know so much stuff kid?"

They left, told me to go over the station later to do a statement and press charges against the thieves.

I waited the locksmith for 3 hours, kept calling him and he always "was on his way"(Notice that he was the only one in town[?])

He came and couldnt do shit the lock type was to old and in order to place a new one we needed a carpenter to modify the wooden door.

I told him to fuck him self (go away) and i sealed the door with a chain and a padlock my self.

Next stop: police station.I started the "statement" thing on the office right on the opossite of the one i was two cops were interogating a refugee giving him a slap from time to time,you wouldnt believe their devotion and pleasure.

I wanted to eat a grenade.

1/2 hour later i was off

I drove back home at an average speed of "as fast as i could"

got home...


Fuck people who cant do their work properly


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Guest BROWNer
Originally posted by Tesseract

Fuck people who cant do their work properly


hello service industry(especially).


alot of people suck.

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