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trailer park boys

Al Green

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Randy just doesn't understand. I mean I love him dearly, but I hate Ricky more. I just don't want to have to put up with that prick for the rest of my life. You know, he grew up as a little shit-spark from the old shit-flint. And then he turned into a shit-bonfire and then driven by the winds of his monumental ignorance, he turned into a raging shit-firestorm. If I get to be married to Barb i'll have total control of Sunnyvale, and then I can unleash a shitnami tidal wave that'll engulf Ricky and extinguish his shit-flames forever. And with any luck, he'll drown in the undershit of that wave. Shit-waves.




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I thought season 8 was as good as any of them, hell maybe better since it was in HD.


It felt true to the TPB universe, and I feel like they have never been good at ending them, but it's impossible to really end something well when you're not ready to let go.


Pleeeeease let there be a season 9.

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I officially do not think you know what you are talking about.

At least as far as this is concerned.


It is just fan service. Everyone is too old to be in the show, the writing isn't what it used to be, etc. The guy who plays Lahey is still really good at what he does. The show still has a bit of charm, but i think i have just seen enough. Still got love for the early stuff though.

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