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TGIF - March 10-11-12


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- load up the mp3 player with weekend tunes

- easy day at the office, try to sneak out early

- have a super low-key night because tomorrow.....




- Dentist at 9:00am

- Have an impacted wisdom tooth taken out!


me = :beat: so the rest of today's plans might not happen


- play some pirate game with my nerdy friends

- go to a house party with my social friends

- move house party to a concert that my friend is playing

- skip out early to hit an old school hiphop night.

- get nasty at the hiphop night because it's all white college hipsters




- R&R

- feel a strange hole in my jaw where the tooth used to be

- go photohunting

- los simpsons

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boss isn't here

and i don't feel like doing shit

i'm out early today


maybe i'll see a movie later, that crazy "night watch" is playing

or get drunk by myself and write


rest of weekend


uh, yeah ..whatever


i should get a vehicle soon.

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

I'm gonna be staying here all weekend:




2 golf carts and a lot of booze included.






























































































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Since I'm in an endless weekend outside of the constraits of time (read: $) the poignancy of this particular weekend fails to strike me. However in the spirit of this thread I will share some of my plans for the near future (1 month out or so).

- get my car fixed up and working more properly under the auspices of my grandfather who is a super engineer and invented half this country and kept it running during the prime of the industrial revolution. And he has little to show for it unfortunately... Businesses always have a way of putting the squeeze on people.

- continue massive gn art project i've been working on

- road trip. my cousin is getting married on apr 1. why, I dunno. cause only fools fall in love? i realized recently how big of a fool i am myself. just might be the biggest fool in the universe. that's a good one god! haha.... oh this is not funny. at least i know the punchline. should have known. anyways, i'm going to go see my cousin get married and do all that happy festive crap that seems to never be a part of my own life and tell everyone how happy i am for them. probably see alot of family i haven't seen in years since we are all slaves of the system and follow the money trail in the big rat race.

- side projects to road trip would be to get my ak. achievable goal.

- other side projects (and the one weighing most heavily on me, last but not least) calling a girl i haven't talked to in almost a decade to tell her i believe it's gods will we be together (how fucking crazy does that sound!?! can you imagine getting a call like that?)

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made 25 song playlist.

might make backup all instrumental 25 song playlist

leave work early..

get in car..go to the ladycakes.

pile in van..head to vermont..




take photos


steak dinners..








come home

watch sopranos




there be pirates in here?

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Originally posted by Weapon X@Mar 10 2006, 11:59 AM

I'm intrigued as to what pirate game this is you're playing.




this will be the nerdiest thing I've ever admitted to doing.

(I've nver bought any, I just use my friends cards)




You buy a pack of these plastic cards and you punch out the pieces

and it makes a bunch of different pirate ships. They all have different

cannons and extra cards (etc etc etc.... I feel so nerdy)


You get 4 or 5 people and lay out all these islands on a table and go to war.

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Originally posted by villain+Mar 10 2006, 11:45 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (villain - Mar 10 2006, 11:45 AM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-Weapon X@Mar 10 2006, 11:41 AM

Rome: Total War, or Age of Empires or something.


As much as I'd like to play these my computer would probably explode.




I know, dude.


Right now, I want nothing more than computer that can play Total War and Civilization IV. BUT, I'm on a PIII with a whole 533mHz and 128MB of RAM. I can't even download music - or even put the existing music on my harddrive onto my iPod with this piece of shit. I gotta get on getting a new PC.

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yeah a new pc is one of my longer term goals as well. i fell outta doing 3d graphics cause my comp kept crashing. sometimes i get crazy slowdown even in photoshop. but it suits the purposes for now and i don't have money to be spending on a new one.

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I can't remember what's going on tonight...probably involves beer though.


Saturday...I'm going for a ride in the afternoon and rolling out to my boys cd release party.


Sunday...I might go for a ride in the morning (depends on weather)...meet the rents for lunch and then go see the dropkick murphys.


thats it in a nutshell.

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