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Getting caught 101

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Ok, so I keep reading these threads, "DUDE I GOT BUSTED! I had nine cans of paint, 5 markers, 8 fire extinguishers, and thirty gallons of ink on me! Please help me!"

Hey retards lets go over the basics, I mean how can you become better if all you do is spend time and money on getting out of trouble, as aposed to spending it on things that will prevent you from getting into trouble, or maybe, heres an idea, more paint supplies?


Ok before you ever leave the house, this should be your religious checklist.

-Rubber Gloves, also make sure ALL paint and ink is off your hands before leaving the house, even if you didnt get paint on your hands from that piece they "caught" you doing previous paint will fuck you over. Most latex gloves are white you can paint them darker if you want :gaga:

- Wear a fucking black hoodie!

- Wear a hat, bill front hoddie over.

- Bandanna, ski masks are alright, but dont breath as well.

- Obviously wear dark clothes, jeans are best.

- Bags. This is the MOST IMPORTANT THING! People get busted cause they get thier bags searched. Or they have thier cans out, because whats the point of putting it in your bag if cops can search your bag? I can't tell you how many retards tell me thier sob stories like this. Ok so here it is, go to any store, walmart, target, oshmans, academy whatever, and buy your self some mini baggage locks. Now lock that shit on there, and hid the key up your ass, it works just like a locked glove box or a locked trunk. They have to have a warrant to search it and aslong as you follow my instrutions you can make it extremely difficult and so time consuming that the officer will lose intrest and go after other criminals. KEEP PAINT OFF YOU OR THEY CAN SEARCH IT. DONT BE SLOPPY! If your shit is locked up, you are clean, and decent, then there is no reason for them to have proable cause, no reason to search.

-Cans, if you are prone to getting caught or are hitting a really public place slap some magnets to the bottom of thoses cans to silence them.

-Do RECON! Don't just look at a spot during the day and decide your gonna hit it, and show up that night and reliaze its the god damn wall of the police station. Check it out first! If it's really public and it will be a big piece for you, scout it out during the day. Go during the night. Check lighting, check for cams, maybe there is a 24 hour store across the street you never noticed. Be smart!

-Always bring backup shit, extra tips, extra cans, etc, because you dont want to take a trip home to reup, more than an hour and a half is too long in one spot.

-One thing I keep reading is as long as you are under 18 they wont throw the book at you, wrong! You are treated as an adult at age 17 in the United States! Remeber that! One last thing to remeber, without locks your bag it CAN be searched, no matter if its closed, open, or on fire, so lock that shit up!



Thas all you should need to know, additions are welcome, but stop being jackfuckers! Be smart cover yourself, know the area, lock your shit, and dont be drenched in paint when the popo show up, also get in shape so you can haul ass if they show up!

Also, I understand there are other threads, but this is a compliation of all of that information, and also what i know, I will add what to do if you are caught if this thread gets good feedback.


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You give some good info but theres a bunch of threads like this..Next time use the SEARCH button and add to a existent thread..Like this one for example..Ckick here..


One more closed thread for the yard.. :(

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