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BUMP   Yall ridin or hidin?   Daily the 99 ZX7R. Been staying off the S1000RR cu I’m trying to convince myself I need to get rid of it. KZ1000P project on the back burner. K2 600 i

Not mine, seen in passing and thought it was rad.

I've been dirt bike and quad crazy lately.  Been shopping for a smaller displacement 2-stroke to fuck with in the yard.  Can't decide between the 85s and the KX 100.  Kinda leaning towards the 100, bu

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Saw that Motoczysz documentary again last night and reminded myself to see what that company has been up to since that was filmed. Looking through his blog it sounds like the petrol C1 has been scrapped and now all the energy has been put toward this :




An electric superbike. No gas, no oil, no clutch. I guess they took it to Isle of Man and did some impressive runs but on race day the engine just stopped. Nice looking bike and I'm sure it's an amazing ride, like the C1 was, but if this guy can't figure out how to keep his bikes running... he's doomed to get nowhere.

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So apparently things happen in pairs.


I'm running diagnostics on my F4i as we speak to locate the source of a

BANG that forced me to foot it for 11 miles home (always bring a cellphone).

Nice thing about a bike that's 360 lbs is two dudes can lift it into the bed of

a Ford ranger with no ramp. Nice thing about it being a beater is I dont care

that we didn't have tiedowns to keep it upright (No shipping damage anyway).

We just drove down, heaved it in, layed it down and off we went.


Just bought a couple boring aftermarket parts to fix the problem including a

mityvac brake bleeder, APE cam chain tensioner, stator cover (dont buy ebay

ones they'll crack and send aluminum rattling through your motor), and now

I'm looking at some dual billet headlights. Im also eyeing acewell gauges http://www.acewell-meter.com/


Choc you've got an eye for streetfighters so holla if you see anything that's good.

I can't source the Buell XB headlights, and the headlight bracket off a speed triple

is too big so im lookin for alternatives.


And now for more photos.















That should do it...

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by "can't source them" - do you mean you can locate'em?? (the buell setup)

a few months ago i drafted a list of parts i'd need to run that conversion, here you go:


Product ID: Y0421.1AD


Quantity: 1

Unit Price: $58.50


Product ID: M1600.1ACMW


Quantity: 1

Unit Price: $59.95


Product ID: M0023.1AJAYT

Product Name: Headlight Grille

Quantity: 1

Unit Price: $39.95


Product ID: M0645.1ADA

Product Name: MOUNT, HDLIGHT

Quantity: 1

Unit Price: $17.10

all part numbers from harley.



and here's a link to some brackets:




not sure if that helps.

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going on month 3 of my bike sitting in the shop waiting on their lazy asses to fix one thing after another. im so over it. im really tempted just to tell them to keep the fucking thing and go buy something else.

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I'm actually looking for any acceptable excuse not to buy the XB headlights because I want to be different and there's a lack of other options.


I really want what looks like a tiny projector on the black CBR


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If that's what you want it's a harley for someone who doesnt want to wrench on their own bike:

it comes precustomized‚—so you dont have to do that yourself— and with things like a belt drive,

electronic fuel ignition, some other new tech bullshit it's lower maintenance too. Ride it first tho.

Seating geometry's too small for you. suuper low saddle and short reach bars. You'd have to

change the saddle to fit the girl on the back anyway.



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indeed yeah the one i was looking at has higher bars, it did look a little small, i just really dig the was they look and they're around the price i think i can get outta my truck. i would love to get a flyrite choppers bike if i could find a used one around 9k, but i think thats a bit unrealistic. i watched 'hell ride' today and i'm pretty sure a couple bikes they were riding were from FRC. they got a real nice simple look to em and they're longer than a harley, probably more my size, just too much $$$

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You just inspired me to watch hellride. I couldnt make out the bikes but the movie was pretty funny.


Dont know much about flyrite, but 10k seems like plenty of money for a bike and to chop it. Just to be safe I think my priorities with that sort of dough would be to find a nice used bike under 5k—something I dont mind getting to know thoroughly—then slowly upgrade the garage. After i setup shop, I'd start sourcing the parts I need.

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I have an 08 Nightster and I fucking love it.

Although, I am upgrading to a bigger bike next summer.

I put mini apes and forward controls on it and it is so comfortable for being a Sportster.


And Hell Ride is a horrible fucking movie.

I almost couldn't finish it.

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i'm thinking about selling my chevy back home and getting an 08 nightster.




something like this, but flat black maybe. any one have experience with these bikes?


Hmm iv rode this bike and also want one pretty badly. If i were to get a Harley i would get the nightster or the dyna street bob. The nightster does have some balls so i don't think you would be disappointed with the power but if you're a bigger rider you might feel a little cramped on it. And they dont make it in flat black (or denim black they call it) but they do make a nice flat silver and flat black black 2 tone that looks pretty dope.


Not to mention its the best looking bike off the show room floor IMO. Go for it:cool:

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fuck buying a new one.

i'd rather get a used sporster, strip it, hardtail it, repaint it and still spend less than $6k


i just look at those things, and while they're nice, theres just so much shit all over them. bums me out.

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well my current living situation doesn't really give me the luxury of having a garage in which to wrench

on a bike. the decision to get any bike is a pretty recent one, so i'll take my time and ride a couple

different ones before making any big decisions. thanks for the input.

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