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Re: motorbikes!


Don't worry about the weight of the bike... it won't be an issue once you're rolling, unless you take a turn really slow. But with a bike like you're looking at it still shouldn't be an issue. Even my bike, though it looks like a sport bike, is a cruiser. It's not punchy like a GSXR or something. Which is exactly what I wanted.


I looked for what I thought to be cool V Star bikes and I found that you can really customize them quite a lot. The ones that are bare bones vintage looking seem, to me, to be the coolest looking.



Get rid of the ugly paint job and ugly rear fender... and this could be kinda cool.



I agree that spoked wheels for a bike of this style is a must, but again... lode the rear fender and this bike looks kinda rad.



I think the bars are a little too high on this one but otherwise... perfect.



But I definitely think you need a sissy bar... sissy bitch.

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Re: motorbikes!


i'm a sissy? YOU SHAVE YOUR LEGS, you gash.


yeah dude, you can do a lot with these bikes. super customizable. http://www.hondachopper.com has a ton of shit.


id really like to find a shadow vlx600

2003-Honda-VT600C-ShadowVLXa.jpg affordable softail, not too big, not too small, etc.


shadow 750's are pretty nice even just stock. put a solo seat on em and a couple little custom jammers and you're good to go. 2006-honda-shadow-spirit-_460x0w.jpg

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Re: motorbikes!


spent 10 hours driving the freeway today. tons of bikes. funy how much more attention i pay to them now.


going over all the bumps and dips and shit...the idea of doing all that on a bike is fucking freaky. its already scary for me to think of doing 80 going down a freeway, but throw other cars and crakcs and shit into the fray and that shits a panic attack in the making for me.


when yall started riding, i imagine you werent through a 'learning period' where you were freaked out by cars, city situations, etc, right? eventualy you become more comfortable and move on to longer rides, crazier envrironments? im not even sure i like riding yet, and im already planning road trips.

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Re: motorbikes!


cars still freak me out, i hate being in crazy traffic. but for me, going down the interstate is way more chill than putting around town. you just always gotta think ahead. people always say to act like everybody is out to kill you, and they're right.


the one time i got too comfy on my bike and wasnt on top of my game, i ended up with a couple broken bones. paranoia on a motorcycle is well deserved and nothing to think bad of.


aint it a trip how you see shit differently after riding a bike, or wanting to ride one? people will pull out in front of you and youll have to slam on your brakes and youll think "FUCK if i was on my bike i could have been killed" - or when you see some big fuckin branch laying in the middle of the road...


ps: im still a motorcycle noob, i aint trying to come across as a vet

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Re: motorbikes!


i feel bad coming in and taking over your guys thread...


this things pretty sweet. pretty minimal customization and you can really hook these things up.

dude makes these sweet LED brake/turn signal kits. super clean.



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Re: motorbikes!


i'm a sissy? YOU SHAVE YOUR LEGS, you gash.


Shave? No more. I had that shit laser-removed years ago. Now I shave the light hairs once a month and it takes me all of ten seconds. Lovin' it.


I like the bike you posted with the heat wrapped pipes... all flat black. Way nice. Is that what you want to do?


Once you start riding you'll be amazed at how good you are at seeing things through your peripheral vision. Especially when looking through turns and at the same time seeing shit on the road in front of you. It's all kinda weird how it works...

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Re: motorbikes!


yeah, i'd do something real similar i think. maybe a little bit more rear fender, and i'd keep the rear springs (he's got a solid bar in their place). i could take a stock bike to something real close to that for under $500 easy. only thing youd really need to drop money on is the pipes.

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Re: motorbikes!


riding a motorcycle is all about being the aggressor

especially on the freeway/interstate.


people are fucking retarded, and they are all trying to kill you.

your best bet is pass them and let them kill each other BEHIND you.

that's my major complaint against my 250, on the freeway it doesnt have the power to get up and go when i need to escape from the idiots.

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Re: motorbikes!


Yea seeking if you buy anything under a 750 you will be trading it in the next year for a 1200 no joke 3 of my friends did it last year.


I did the same thing too I have an SV650 and traded up to my RC51

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Re: motorbikes!


gonna go out to some shops on thursday and check some shit out. MSF is june 19th, so i dont imagine ill buy something before then, but i figure it gives me a month to look.


my mom is NOT gonna be stoked on this at all.

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Re: motorbikes!


Psalm, if you're still around Im looking for someone to estimate a good price for my wreck.
































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