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couldn't get the bike to start so i got pissed and completely tore into it (this is the before-tearing pic, obviously. even though it was likely only a dead battery. fuck it now. no turning back.

gonna rewire everything this winter. ditch the signals. ditch everything i don't need. super simple and bulletproof.

homeboy built me a work table tonight, so ill have that in the shop tomorrow. pics to follow. shit is getting official. if i didn't know better, i might think i knew something.

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jockey/suicide shifters are cool.

no real interest in doing one myself, but i like watching other people ride with em.


really like that first bike you posted. would like 100x better without that aluminum 'girder' looking piece on the swing arm. everything else on the bike looks classic and awesome, then theres a weird tech piece. does not like.

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took my old sporty out last couple days. hadn't ridden it in over a year. never ridden it with the new mids that i put on. observations....


*NEED new bars. riding position is 14 different kinds of fucked.

*front break is super soft, rear break locks up with a quickness. i was sideways twice today. granted, it was wet out, but still. i genuinely can't believe i didn't dump the bike. some grace of god shit.

*tail light shakes the bulb lose all the time, which means i need to look down and double check its working at every light.

*no turn signals in a state that requires them.

*no registration.

*no insurance.

*i was half drunk most the day.


on the upside, after riding the dyna all year, this thing feels like a bmx bike. so fucking light and nimble. it whips around like nothing. love it.

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My camera's fucked up and won't load my flicks. It's a pretty easy bike to ride, even with the rigid setup.

It rides much smoother then I thought it was gonna. The kick start took some getting used to, but I get

it started 1st try most the time now. Either way I'm fucking stoked to be cruising 2 wheeled again.


looks similar to this but no fender, both pipes dump out the right side, and I got higher bars.

Motor's not as clean on mine yet either, but you get the idea.


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That's an awesome first bike. Not fast enough to get you in trouble but sounds like the fastest thing out there. And a total collector's so if maintain it right it'll retain some/all of its value. I feel like someone needs to warn you though that maintenance on those things can be pretty expensive. There's a huge number of resources out there of how to take care of it, but I'd learn asap. Also if you need any help with it the guys over at SF Vintage Cycle are exactly who you want to talk to: http://www.yelp.com/biz/sf-vintage-cycle-san-francisco They do nothing but old triumphs.


And I dont know what bike you have but I'm sure you can find some helpful books/videos here: http://www.lowbrowcustoms.com/index.php?l=product_list&c=6

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what should one check for..mechanically speaking.. when buying a 70s honda.... i plan on buying one that runs, but shitty enough to make it a fun first project....advice anyone????


also some flicks to make up for being inexperienced....they will give an idea of what im striving for























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That green two-stroke is badass.


How mechanically inclined are you? Im assuming you're not but I apologize if I assumed wrong. Here's my advice anyway. Don't buy one that's been detailed/cleaned up on the motor. You want to be able to see where it's leaking, and if he says it's not leaking at all he's a liar.

Don't buy one that doesn't run. Especially if it's a "cafe project." Make him buy a fucking battery for the thing.

If there's a delay in throttle response, you've got dirty carbs. Peg that at +$500

If there's a leak from the valve cover, peg that at +$500

If there's oil seepage from the head gasket, that's ok. If it's flowing from the head gasket, peg that at +$2500

If it needs new tires, +$130 each

If it needs new brake fluid +$60

If it needs new oil +$40

If the brakes squeak, oh well. You can always get some sandpaper and scuff up the pads.


Old bikes are pretty big money pits. Especially if you want them to be "performance oriented." I can name 20 newer bikes that'll be less cost, go faster, handle better, and look just as cool (to me).

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i appreciate the input. im not familiar with two strokes, but i have owned several hondas (cars) and have done mild builds, but im trying to get out of that scene and into other, older stuff...


as long as i can get the engine running strong im content, im not trying to do a full build, i just want the cafe look, the performance can wait until im an experienced rider.


again thanks.... the reason im asking is because now is a great time to buy, obviously, and id like to have one ready to ride when spring comes.

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