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BUMP   Yall ridin or hidin?   Daily the 99 ZX7R. Been staying off the S1000RR cu I’m trying to convince myself I need to get rid of it. KZ1000P project on the back burner. K2 600 i

I've been dirt bike and quad crazy lately.  Been shopping for a smaller displacement 2-stroke to fuck with in the yard.  Can't decide between the 85s and the KX 100.  Kinda leaning towards the 100, bu

God damn Mister Raven, look at that automatic embed. You've been working on the forum like the cure for cancer. 

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wish i had a good photo of the set up that came with the bike.

it was some big ugly chrome expensive ass kuryakyn set up.

got this all in one LED tail/signals from d2 moto for $60. hooked it up tonight. shit is way more flossy.


wish i had more pics to share. this winter is gonna be poppin. gonna redo my entire sporty hard tail. shit is gonna be bitchin.

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it was funny, i knew of the blog but didn't know the guys. mutual friends had been trying to hook us up (nh) for close to a year, but kept missing opportunities. then by chance ended up meeting via a total stranger at the perfect time. they had a dude leaving, i needed garage space. worlds funny like that.

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I want to get a bike because I'm sick of gridlock in the morning on the way to work and the horrible parking here. Spoke with a few guys I know some said get a cheap beater to learn on and learn to repair/maintain, if it lays down while I'm learning I won't be very pissed. Others say to get something nice that I'll be happy with for a while, I'll be more careful with it. I'm leaning towards the first set of advice. What should I be looking At buying that is easy to learn on, easy to work on, affordable, and isn't too hard on the eyes? Thanks in advance.

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depends how often and how far you plan to ride, what kind of bikes you're into and what kind of budget you have. could be 10 different answers.


My commute it's about 30 minutes right now, in car. About 5 minutes freeway and the rest in traffic on residential streets. I would eventually like to go on longer rides on some of the scenic routes here once I get comfortable. Down the line I would eventually like to get a Harley but some of those bikes Soup posts look real dope too but I'm not really into most newer sport bikes. Budget is a couple grand or less.

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Im actually thinking about selling my bike, but not for $2k. More like $3.5k







And look what i've still got



And there's a lot of variables you gotta look at when buying a bike. I really wouldn't pull the trigger on a bike if all i had was $2k. Most bikes in decent condition start at 2k, but if you get it home and something's wrong with it, you want some extra money to fix it immediately. I know too many retards who think they can just ride a motorcycle around until they have the cash to fix it, and then bang, something goes wrong.. I was one of them and lost my first bike that way, a pristine 1984 GS750ES. That thing was awesome. It had Miami Vice written all over it.


I'd wait until you have $3500-$4k to spend on a bike, repairs, and gear. And please get gear. It doesn't have to be expensive but you're gonna crash. Especially if you're new to your motorcycle AND new to riding. This is what a nice, armored, waterproof jacket looks like for $200: Alpinestars "Messenger" They're even coming out with a waxed canvas version so if you dig old school motorcycle jackets like Barbour makes, thats the one to get.





I would also recommend riding a bicycle in traffic first. 30 minute commute mostly in gridlock sounds bikeable. Also you don't want an old bike as your commuter. If something goes wrong with it, what are you gonna do? Sometimes sourcing certain parts takes a long time. I commute 60 miles every day on a 30 year old bike, but I also have disposable cash to sink into this money pit whenever I want. For a commuter I wouldn't recommend anything older than 20 years for that reason, and at 20 years old theres still parts that may be hard to find—And thats not even discussing the cost of those parts.


If you're 5' 9" and 145-150 like me, the PERFECT first bike is a Honda Hawk 650GT. It's a classic. It's minimal. It's a collector. Its a sport bike. It's tiny. You can get your knee down. Its got the narrowest profile I have ever seen on a bike making it really easy to split lanes for beginners. Its not that fast. Long service intervals. And it's cheap.




And the biggest thing you want when it comes to doing touring is ergonomics. You can strap plenty of cargo to a tank and tail and take a weekend trip to wherever on any bike, but if you're leaned over the front of your bike your arms are gonna tire out. An upright position with risers are the way to go.

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Yea good luck finding a honda hawk thats someones gonna part with...


Anyways I just jerked off to the 2011 Suzuka 8hr Bikes...theeeee absolutely most trick purpose built short run parts and one off's ever!!!!! Seriously you could spend all day breaking down one bike its great...





The Blog is about other shit in Japan too like this 600cc series with limited restrictions on frame/engines







Great guys if you wanna import sportbike parts their carbon is fucking phenomenal



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