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BUMP   Yall ridin or hidin?   Daily the 99 ZX7R. Been staying off the S1000RR cu I’m trying to convince myself I need to get rid of it. KZ1000P project on the back burner. K2 600 i

Not mine, seen in passing and thought it was rad.

I've been dirt bike and quad crazy lately.  Been shopping for a smaller displacement 2-stroke to fuck with in the yard.  Can't decide between the 85s and the KX 100.  Kinda leaning towards the 100, bu

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Re: motorbikes!


Just picked her up a couple weeks ago...This girl is agile light powerful braking phenominal to say the least its a little rough on the bumps but other than that...


I have ridden to work everyday since I bought it took her for a 4 hour ride today I didnt want to go home I wanted to keep riding...


They are perfect for the street and extremely easy to turn into a track bike!


Plus there are tons of resources, forums and such to help you with any query.



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Re: motorbikes!


Some guy down the street from me is selling one of these, I am boutta cop that shit...


like this but in white...







Add it to the collection...


so far i have a


1986 Suzuki gs550es


1982 BMW R100


2000 suzuki sv650

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Re: motorbikes!


If you guys are doing winter riding like I am get your self a pair of these!



I been using Joe Rocket summer gloves they my regular riding gloves and I freeze my fingers off... I borrowed ^^^those from my dad on saturday, freaking beautiful. Toasty as fuck! I suggest them for winter riding single fingers are jsut too cold!

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Re: motorbikes!



supposedly they build the sv's


it's pretty much the same bike

minus the extended stance


650 v twin



o rly well that makes sense then...I am looking sell my SV right now. Next summer I am gonna get an older Crotch Rocket and see if I like riding like that for a summer. The SV just doesnt have the balls I want...


Prolly gonna get a 94 Honda CBR 900 cbr_900-rr-94.jpg

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Re: motorbikes!


i'm a squid


rockin nike batting gloves

and NB 574's


hahaha thats hoooorrible I feel naked without my gear...I am getting some of these pants that have pads in the knees shins hips and shit they go under your pants so you cant really tell...ultimate goal is to drop knee in corners I have been getting close but am scared to do it and tear a knee cap...


what do you ride?

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