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KILL*umbus Ohio


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yo' meero i saw a throw you did on the tracks..and some nice hands on the street..

you from la,, what up??

I live in the co too, you should post some flicks on here

or these fools will shut your thread down..

what steel spots you been hitten.../?




you have to downsize your flicks hella small then they will post..


or you can use the propt at the top of the page it will take you through all the steps, I still cant post on here either, but im not good with computers..


I downsize my flicks in paint...........

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you gots to upload your flicks into a file host { photodump, or whatever you find to use }

then you'll get a http or img code

write it down or copy n paste it.

when you hit add reply go to the http or img button at the top depending what you have, and click it. put your code there, you can add like 10. one after the other, hit preview to make sure that it's working before you post.

hope that helps

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