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back in high school wed always ask our buddies if theyd packed a sack lunch.... of course meaning.. nevermind you get the point... needless to say we becamse rather fucking stupid with it... shouting across the room yo Garret you pack the sack lunch today.. etc.. man we were dumbasses...

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Originally posted by Smart@Mar 7 2006, 03:15 AM

It's like a football referee type signal but you can be subtle... basically, you bend your left arm up (you don't have to touch your thumb to your left shoulder but that's the motion) then you touch your elbow TWICE (2 quick taps works nice) with your right hand... keep it on the lowski.



:hatred: :hatred: .......ok so i first read this thread a couple days ago.....today......im sitting in class and the teacher is talking about "signs"....like in some countries one sign means one thing while other places it means something else (ex: index and middle finger means peace, while in other countries the "peace symbol" means victory)...well my teacher takes his right hand and taps his elbow twice.....while he is doing it he asks "does anyone know what this means?"..... i immediately remember this thread and yell out "it means smoking weed!"....great...the whole class laughs at me and i feel like an idiot!!.....well....i guess in the hispanic cultures (or just mexican culture).....tapping your elbow twice with your hand indicates a stingy person (or someone who doesnt like to spend money; cheap)....thats just great cause today everyone laughed at my expense...and now the teacher thinks im a fucking pothead...thanks alot 12oz!! :yuck:

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