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Originally posted by Guy Ledouche+Mar 5 2006, 05:33 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Guy Ledouche - Mar 5 2006, 05:33 PM)</div><div class='quotemain'>:huh2: a whole post for that?? Solid benching. :haha:




<!--QuoteBegin-AverageWhiteRailfan@Mar 5 2006, 07:59 PM


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for all the cats complaining about how slow its been on this shit....why dont you pick up a camera and the slack and post up...or are yall all to timid to go out and risk catchin a tresspassin ticket seriously yall sound like a bunch of girls and shit


Ok mr. I havent made a post in a year because i'm too lazy to get all 15 rolls developed!! Get on that already!

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