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Uk Freights


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UK freight scene, Alot of people dont class freights as true graff,

If you feel like that dont bother looking.

A sepearate thread just for Freights, alot are getting smashed and run for Years...


Heres a few passing through Nottingham to start it off.
















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Originally posted by urlocalslag@Mar 5 2006, 02:37 PM

Half of them arn't even reccent^^^!

:clown2: :huh2:

Thats just my point mate, Freights run for sometimes years, all the above are recently seen in Notts,

I took pics of these 3 just before christmas I know that they are at least four years old..if not more,

Freights dont have the buzz of passenger trains but they are worth doing..


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Because i dont do illegals, everyone uploads there pics onto my pc, so i have fucking loads of freights on ere, thats about a 5th of my collection, but ive put the best stuff up.



Just to let everyone know, the mail trains are on the move to wales to be scrapped, got a flik of one from bham, with 3 wholecars and about 20 panels on it, will upload when ive scanned it , peace.

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Originally posted by asew6@Mar 5 2006, 12:12 PM

95% of that shit is wak.ud think if u were botherin to paint a freight ud make a effort

who r u to comment isware u dont paint trains. better that the shit stuff is on the f8s and nothing else, best place for them to prectise if u ask me. i didnt even know uk had a f8 sceen iv been mising out :haha:

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