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partying in portland...


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i saw this girl outside mcdonalds downtown and she seemed to be making a grip of money.


saying that every kid on the street has a mommy and daddy to go back to is pretty naive though. some do, some don't.


fine. 98% of them have a home to go back to. the other 2% cant go home because their parents disowned the pieces of shit for being pieces of shit.

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thanks for confirming that your all and I MEAN ALL fucking retards keep up the good work


Damn dude. I just realized that every single post of yours is written to vent your hatred for graffiti. You hate people who are up. You hate the graffiti community that you are so clearly disassociated with. You constantly call everybody on this site a "fucking retard."


In a past post you said, "Any Douche that tags a mural is a Toy..plain and simple that goes for ugh too." So what you're saying is that vandalism is for douches, and then you go on to call ughs a toy?


I don't give a fuck who you are but I do present two suggestions for you... Either arrest different criminals than graffiti writers or stop shoving your fucking ignorant bullshit up our thread's ass.

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