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partying in portland...


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This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.
hey kingwhateverthefuckyourfagnameis... shut the fuck up you sillly faggot, you know nothing you ARE nothing and you can suck my fat 12 inch cock you fucking scum. i dont care who you are, eat shit and be jealous fuck face.



C'mon now admit it. It is a little more fun with a little cow in your diet. If this thread were purely pics, I'd like it less!

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its funny how in every thread on 12oz people talk about who is good and who is wack..

the flics got posted. either give the writer some bumps or don't say anything. having discussions or arguments over who is better is so pointless. everything in life is a matter of opinion. what do you think makes "yours" so important?

it doesn't matter what you think about who is writing what. real writers don't do graf to show off on 12oz. they put in work and get respect. before 12 oz there was real shit happening and writers got respect because others writers saw their shit up or rolling..this stupid website just started a bunch of useless talk from a large percentage of kids that dont even write.. its just blah blah blah. all day, all night.

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