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partying in portland...

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dope flicks.. just went by there,, flames were already gone.. but hella cops everywhere.. water running down freemont at least 5 blocks from the fire, they are dumping so much on it..

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i dont really want to get "merked on" because, i dont know what that means but, it doesnt sound that great. but if you really want to, i guess you can do that if you want to.

but if you ever cross me, and i got somethin you want a whiff of, you can take a whiff on me. shit ill pour VRS a round and you can take a drink on me.

and if you ever see some toer tags, you can stripe that shit because i like to think of you guys striping toer tags being really happy about it.

i just sit back listening to some staple singers and im like "fuck yes bros, DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO!" makes me feel good about the whole thing.

ive been talking too much shit on this site in the past, when really, it wasnt even about graffiti. it was about what kind of day i was having. thats childish shit.

and seriously, graffiti isnt about artistic skill or being hard or anything like that,

its about friendship and commerodery. seeing the marks of your friends all over town.

shit, we all got the worried man blues, we all got to eat that midnight special, we all got to look over our shoulders, we all been delt the cards that say "lawmen dont like what youre about". shit, we could be sent to jail everytime we go out and do our thing!

i like VRS and how theyre all really down with eachothers graffiti and post eachother's shit on this site. i even like seeing the shit with no style. i can tell that they're just some dope kids who are down. and i can see that they'll stick with it and progress.

i like how you guys get joy from the same shit i do.


lets all just paint the town and show em the way.

those graffiti-doubtin pharo's army motherfuckers are gonna get drowned in the sea when we part the waters.

fuck em.


and thats all i gotta say.


except, one more time: take a whiff on me.

thanks funboy.

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Dean, righteous, dude. Hey, by chance I just read Kerouac's "On the Road", otherwise I wouldn't know who Dean M. was. He sure was one wild dude.

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not that this conversation isnt enthralling or anything...

but can we get some flicks up in this bitch?

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