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partying in portland...


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I disagree.


That's why it sucks. All the pc, hippie liberal ,vegan,hipster,micro brewing,Frisbee golfing,roller derby,circus punk,tall bike riding,sensitive art school faggot transplants can have Gresham.


The city was WAYYY better late 90's, early 2000's..


The transplants take all the jobs,take all the housing,crowd all the bars and coffee shops.

Rent has sky rocketed over the last 6 years,and gentrification is prolific now.


It's because everyone fucking MOVES HERE.I will never reverse my stance on this.



Just needed to vent,no one fucking cry ok?


i agree completely.

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Matt, John and the rest of your homo uniform crew....4 every head you build a case on, and try to convict, 4 more multiply into the equation. Why dont you stop surfing usb's and get off your ass and kick in some doors you fucking pussies. Or maybe get a real job? I mean, a lot ties into the equation, but really, how can your wife take/fuck you serious when she knows you bust writers balls all day, and your kid is flunking math and history cuz they doodling my bubble letters all day. Tell the Truth nigga. L7 oatmeal ass crackers


HAHAHAH ... what the fuck are you talking about? I am not in "said crew", nor a cop. Just simply sharing a photo of a NW crew popping up out of nowhere in my city. I love how everyone is so hard on the interwebs.


For the record, I always though GPK did quality work back in the day. But I obviously am missing something. And this sloppy, "I don't give a fuck" roller on a rooftop is keepin it trill, so go get even madder and slam your four loko, then get back on here and tell more veteran lifers that they're "toys" "snitches" and "cops"



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