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The Trampler.

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So I decided to share with you all a project my roommates are working on. I called it the Trampler because, well, it's the only thing I can think of right at the moment.


Some of you may have a hard time realizing the entire picture, but it's cool nonetheless..




So here it is...................





















This is the begining of someones death Since I'm a gambler, I would bet money.










This is where it gets interesting..Down the middle you can see some square "holes" as shown in the next picture..




These holes are for this "Trample" to become a trailor..See next.





So then you might ask..."How are you going to pull this giant heap of steel when it's like a mile long and pointed??"


The answer..



It's collapsable in two spots so that it can fold into...Well I'm not gonna show you it complete until it's completely finished..


Here's a good idea of what kind of scale we're dealing with..








Well to end this lovely story I will say that you couldn't catch me jumping, farting, or sliding down this beast for my life. Rough costs on material have already well exceeded $1200.00 and you can imagine the labor time. I'm just really impressed by the fabrication involved to make a contraption like this..Hope you like..


I will also mention that it will be using these to raise and lower it..








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I can only imagine the trouble you guys will make.


nice work on the thread too... :king: :king: :king: < YOU

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call me a pussy but are you guys gonna put griptape on that shit? some kinda traction or roughnessoner on there? that silky steel is making me nervous and thats without dust on it...


the first thing i thought was thats a hell of a ramp to use lake jumping... i didnt even think motocross...


wowsers... nice job post pictures please?

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They're adding a layer of grid iron over the sheet metal for traction.


I'll see if I can't get some flicks today..The progress on this thing is amazing..In raw steel it weighs 1100lbs so it's been a task to get it all assembled...


To the comment about bloody knees..If by bloody knees you mean broken ribs, arms, legs, or pelvis than, ok...

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